$0 DraftSight For Mac To Be Released Before $4000 AutoCAD For Mac

If Autodesk PR thought that it could somehow reduce the punch of the SolidWorks 2011 launch by announcing the big news of AutoCAD for Mac the day earlier, then SolidWorks PR thought of something better. A day before the release of SolidWorks 2011, a bunch of SolidWorks bloggers were shown DraftSight for Mac, an AutoCAD clone running natively on the Mac.

According to this post by Ricky Jordan, DraftSight is expected to be made available as a free download within a couple of weeks. Whereas there is still a long way to go for AutoCAD for Mac to see the light of day. DraftSight for Mac is basically a stripped down version of ARES for Mac from Graebert. ARES for Mac is already out in the market and retails at €995. But as an introductory offer, you can get it at half price. And the best part, while AutoCAD for Mac will be priced at $4000, DraftSight for Mac will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So as I see things happening, on Windows, $0 DraftSight will need to try its best to dislodge the $4000 AutoCAD. Whereas on the Mac, the $4000 AutoCAD will need to do much more than its best to try and dislodge the $0 DraftSight.

  • DeelipReader

    what happened to solidworks 2011? counter went subzero:http://www.solidworkslaunch.com/

  • That counter is not time zone intelligent. 😉

  • DeelipReader

    lol! buggy solidworks!

  • DraftSight runs on Linux too.

  • Yup, ARES runs on all three platforms. So will DraftSight.

  • Ken

    I've looked at Draftsight as a replacement for AutoCAD LT specifically. It is an awesome product and works well. Draftsight is 2D only, but that is all we use AutoCAD for, and I'm assuming 80% of the world as well.