15 3D Printed Samples For $60

Browsing around the Quickparts site today I came across this page advertising a kit containing 15 SLA, SLS, FDM, PolyJet and Cast Urethene samples for $60 plus shipping. It also includes an injection molding design guide.

Quickparts is a 3D Systems brand. So I asked the folks there to send me pictures of some of the parts that come in the kit. Here is what they sent me. Click the images to enlarge.

The Kit

SLA Samples

SLS Samples

FDM Samples

Polyjet Samples

Injection Molding Sample

If you are new to 3D printing and are not sure what processes, materials and finishes to pick when ordering a 3D print, this kit may be help you figure it out so that you don’t make a costly mistake when the time comes to place your order at your service bureau.

  • Kevin Quigley

    They are what I call cheat geometry. Flat. Easy to make look good using layer build technologies. Through in a few curved vertical faces to sort the good from the bad.

  • AC

    Here is a pretty good example of curved faces using the SLA process. Does this fill your expectations @9587d030beb7579e8a216b9a18b05ba2:disqus ?

  • Great 18o degree rotation! Love it 😉

  • d3print

    ;), nice move. In many cases the company who sell sla machines  dont remember to mention the limits of functions. 

  • Awesome video! But a better information at that. I love the super cheap samples that you put on here.

  • I think its way costly for 15 SLA samples, is the shipping charges to be paid by us on delivery?

  • billshields2

    Thats pretty cool. I’ll have to check out some 3D printing soon. Is it possible to do that on a shirt?

  • The printing in calgary is very similar to this. Who funds the machines? How much does it cost to refill the cartridge?

  • I say a 3d printer in action at an expo event recently. It was absolutely amazing! It can print anything! The printing calgary capability is getting very vast.