3D Printing In Jewelry

I have been in Mumbai with wife and kids for the past few days on a short vacation and have been trying to get some work done as well. As part of getting myself familiar with the presence of 3D Systems in India I set up a couple of meetings with 3D Systems resellers in the city – Shree Rapid Technologies and Empire Machine Tools.

3D printing has found its way into quite a few industries, one of them being jewelry. Here are some facts about the Indian jewelry industry. India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. That amounts to nearly 700 tonnes of gold per year which is about 20% of the total consumption of gold worldwide. About 600 tonnes go into making jewelery. India also has the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing industry. India owns 55% of the global diamond market in terms of value and 80% in terms of weight. (source)

The jewelry industry has embraced 3D printing with arms wide open. Designs are created in 3D using CAD software and then directly 3D printed to high quality production casting patterns thereby reducing or eliminating manual labor completely.

I visited one of the service bureaus in the city that built parts for jewellers. They had a 3D Systems ProJet HD 3000 Plus cranking out jewelry patterns 24×7.

The ProJet HD 3000 and HD 3000 Plus is specifically designed for fine feature applications such as investment casting of jewelry.

The days of hand made jewelry are gone or going. The jewelry industry, at least here in Mumbai, has reached a point where it cannot survive a single day without 3D printing.

  • Guru

    wow.. very insightful… Did not know 3D printing was being used for Jewelery in India.. Deelip don’t you think that India has a humongous market for 3D printing? Do you think 3D Systems can utilize this market with the recent release of Autodesk 123D? 😉

    •  India does have a large market for jewelry. We don’t just export a lot of it. We consume a great deal internally as well.

      I’m pretty sure 123D could be used for a lot of interesting things, although it does appear to have a MCAD-centric workflow. Having said that I am in touch with folks at Autodesk as part of the partnership with 3D Systems.

  • Dan Staples

    The perfect “CAD” companion for jewelry and 3D printing is “FreeForm” from http://www.sensable.com. I used to be VP of Development there, when we originally developed this product in 1999. Sculpting in the computer with the sense of touch. What could be cooler — but more so its GREAT for jewelry. See some of the stuff in the gallery at SensAble. 

  • Ameya Shigaonkar

    Hi Deelip,

    I was really inspred by your initiative. I wanted to know more regarding the actual application of the 3D printing in the gold jewellery segment. I am a gold smith from Mapusa and was thinking if this could be a opportunity to produce and market jewellery on a large scale. Is there a website you would recommend to point me to.
    Also it would be great if you can connect me to anyone who has used 3D printing in gold jewellery anywhere in India.

    thanks for your help.

    Amey Shigaonkar

  • Rajesh

    How much price?

  • Sahil

    Hey Deelip, was very interested in this as I am thinking about manufacturing jewelry large scale using 3D printers! Could you plaese give me more details as to who is already doing this in Mumbai and how? Thanks a lot for the great post!