A Tale Of Two ThinkDesign Suites

The unthinkable has come to pass. We now have two ThinkDesign Suites. A reader alerted me to this press release by Think3, the one managed by the Italian trustee. The press release announces the release of the “official” beta of ThinkDesign Suite version 2011.1. Customers can download the software from www.think3.eu by logging into Customer Care.

On its part, Versata has already gone ahead and released version 2011.4 of what it claims to be the “official” ThinkDesign Suite.

I know that Versata has a bunch of programmers scattered all around the world. The question is how did Dr. Frerri, the Italian court appointed trustee of Think3 Italy, manage to assemble a team to get ThinkDesign Suite 2011.1 out to customers.

In a recent communication to Think3 customers Dr. Ferri wrote:

Versata is circulating false information about the Italian Legal Procedure. I want to point out that the Italian Procedure regards Think3 Inc. as a single company that is under the Italian bankruptcy procedure and not as a third entity or a subsidiary company of Think3 as is being alleged by Versata. All goods (including IP), employees and goodwill are located in Italy and therefore the Court of Bologna is protecting the assets of the bankruptced company. The US Court has no jurisditcion against the Italian Bankruptcy Procedure. Therefore the opening of the Chapter 11 process does not give any rights to Versata. Versata is sending to Think3 clients messages illegally using the think3 trademark and advertising think3 products in order to distract customers.  The use of http://www.think3.versata.com/ domain name is also illegal. Therefore, Think3 is the only owner of the intellectual property rights of the software (ThinkDesign, Thinkteam, TD PLM etc…) and it is not permitted in any way the use of this software without the required authorization of dott. Andrea Ferri through legal sales by Authorised Think3 VARs. All contracts related to license agreement entered into and between Versata and third parties has to be considered null and void and all payments concerning the use of think3 products have to be effected to the Italian Bankruptcy Procedure. Very soon we will be sending you more information about the future plans for the company.

I guess the future plan of Dr. Ferri is to keep developing the Think3 software. As it turns out, that also seems to be the future plan of Versata. So now we have two code streams of the Think3 being separately developed by two development teams and both are calling it ThinkDesign Suite.

  • Users of CAD software have shown they have little time, nor the professional nouse, to read and understand the the terms and conditions of use outlined in CAD software EULA.  This issue tho’ is one a user of Think3 cannot ignore if they are using the software in dispute.
    Commensense would indicate, to a professional user of Think3 software, should be ensuring they have an alternative CAD product in play just in case they wake up one morning finding they are on the  “wrong side”. 

  • Jhon

    So, people …. the sistuation will be simple. so the user can try the Versata  release and the Original Think3 Release ….. and then valuate what will be the better ….. I have no doubt about.

  • Nainar

    I really feel for the customers.I would not want to be in their shoes having to read legal documents before making a choice of the CAD software. They got better things to do. Some Think3 customers are heavily invested in Think3 Technology and they may be constrained to do so. But those guys are also interested in knowing who they are working with and would not buy “scattered, contract based world wide developers” developing the product they use. They need consistent support and a personal rapport with R&D. It is for this reason I believe most of the Italian customers will stick to Think3 Italy. Unless the Trustee takes effort to get the Bologna court judgement enforced in the US, which in my limited understanding is a straight forward process, we will see the two tales.

  • Jhon

    For think3 Customers: I suggest to try the beta version from think3 Italy. It works very well even is a Beta version.
    I installed it yesterday without any problems:

    – Smart Features are working
    – Think Team is running without any personalization problems

    If found some particular issues I will post here.

  • Guest

    It has now become a ‘Tale of 3 TD Suites’. It looks like think3 inc and Versata have signed a ‘Settlement Agreement’ which among other terms also allows think3 Inc. (USA) to develop and market the product – an Italian Version, a USA version and then a Versata version!!! 

    • Nainar

      Intriguing aint it?Classic case study of how to kill a golden egg laying goose!Think3 inc (USA) has nothing in its kitty.I get a feeling that Versata has gone on backfoot not having succeeded in convincing customers,leaving it to Think3 Inc to fight it out or die.It seems the Italian trustee has initiated criminal proceedings as well.That could be the reason for backtracking as well.

  • Jhon

    A Question for customers: The Versata version Installed works completely ? (even the installation process was completely done? :))))
    The beta version from Think3 Italy Works?

    It will be enough answer to this to simply question.
    For sure Think3 Usa will not develop anythings.

  • 1234

    T3 inc for sure will only sell the rights once more…  As far as discussed here theres no one who can care about development or something similar.

    Beta of t3 italy works well,
    2011.3 from Versata works also, except thinkteam ( as far as I know)
    The installation process is running without problems now.

    Let´s see what happens next. I did always expect 2 different verions – Versata and Think3.

    The only thing is – So far the revenue wasn´t enough for 1 company to survive, now it should be enough for 2…

    • Rox

      I can’t say that Versata 2011.3 is working. Yes, the install procedure is going until the end, but when thinkdesign starts, there is no toolbar.
      You have to redefine the user environment, and when you quit thinkdesign, it’s not saved, so you have to do it again each time you start thinkdesign
      When you change thinkdesign release with switch.exe, and come back to the versata 2011.3, some dll are not registered again for this version, so you get a mix of release !!!

      Is it possible to tell it’s a professional job, and 2011.3 is working ?

      • 1234

        Use your config-manger, you can set it do load your config every time you start your td. Shouldnt be a big problem.  But I agree this is not as it should be – it is disturbing and no professional job.

        But if you really need to work with this version this problem won´t stop you.

        I didn´t get the problem with the switch,  but i will try it…

        The new “official” thinkdesign 2011.1 Beta is running smoother. I installed it already without any problem.

      • Sultan

        the configueration from the previous version dosent get loaded in the Versata-thinkdesign.

        Also there are news that Versata will not support customers having customization. They will only support OTB product, which means PLM customers are going to have it royally.

        In other words, think3 management is a known devil than the unknown Versata devil..:-)

        • 1234

           No ? hm thats something new to me that versata doesn´t support it.
          I wonder how they are going to manage it.

          Versata is using the same registry paths, so it shouldn´t be a big problem to get the configuration via the registry.

          Just export your settings in registry – UI Server, rename the paths to actual version, and register it. At least the main things should be overtaken.

          I will try to overtake the old config, but I think it worked the last time i tried… Will keep you informed.

  • Cmaurizio

    I installed the version 2011.1 released by thik3 bologna and it’s OK.

    • Jhon

      I can confirm that all the PLM custommizzation works weel with the Think3 Italy beta version.
      This beta could be installed also on a 64 bit hardware you have just to following tricks in order to install Thinkteam. Nice!

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  • Pippo

    As usual, Deelip as always, tends to provide misleading information.There aren’t TWO think3. There is only one think3 and it’s the italian company/italian people. Versata has nothing to deal with them. They are only good thieves.And Zuccarello should be in jail. He began the story, then he finished in the worst way. Stealing.

    • FYI, Versata released ThinkDesign 2011.5 today. They are even offering a demo for anyone to download. So yes, there are most definitely two versions of Think3.

      • Toto

        Deelip, please call versions which is a version! A version without PLM, without going through the phase BETA?Versata has nothing new except a passage Flexlm that has existed for decades!People need to understand that all the notes about 2011.5 of Versata were updated in 2010.1 of Think3!
        Now they offer the demo, in the past we had signed a maintenance contract with them to be able to see the demo? strange?

  • John