Alias Design Freeform Surfacing In Inventor

Here is a video of the demo given by Rob Cohee during the Autodesk Manufacturing Tech Day in Lake Oswego this week. He ends the demo by saying, “This is going to fundamentally change how our customers model“. I agree.

Click the maximize button (bottom right) to view the video in HD.

One of the criticisms of the recent Autodesk sponsored Technicom whitepaper that compared Inventor to SolidWorks was that Autodesk did not choose surfacing as one of the 15 functional areas that were to be compared. And we all know why. I get the feeling that Autodesk’s next sponsored whitepaper will include surfacing. 😉

  • So stupid how you need multiply applications no body likes this swapping between app’s to access basic functionality very counter productive.

  • Rick

    Sorry if this is rude,But that’s ridiculous to think this is going to change the way people model. this kind of modeling only impresses newbies.