Amnesty for Autodesk Customers

Today a South African Autodesk reseller sent an email blast and my email address happened to be on their list. The message in the email caught my attention.

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Autodesk’s new upgrade policy is due to take effect on the 16th of this month. In order to revive a lapsed subscription you normally need to pay a late fee. Earlier on this blog one reader was bitching about exactly that. Apparently Autodesk seems to be in a good mood today. The email claims that they are waiving the late fees. Not sure whether this is the case in South Africa alone or worldwide. You may want to check with your reseller.

I chuckled at the use of the word “amnesty”. According to Wikipedia, “Amnesty is a legislative or executive act by which a state restores those who may have been guilty of an offense against it to the positions of innocent people.” So this goes out to all AutoCAD customers who have let their subscriptions lapse. You have been found guilty of not renewing your subscription. However, for the next four days Autodesk is showing some mercy and giving you an opportunity to cleanse yourself of your sins. If you grab this opportunity you will be redeemed. If not then you had better have a pretty good reason for not doing so.

  • Any person who paid a late fee for an Autodesk Subscriptions is simply dumb.

    Subscriptions EXPIRE, the documents say so: therefore each renewal is a NEW subscription and should cost no more than the fee for a NEW subscription. Even if Autodesk lamely mentions they 'may' apply a late fee does not mean it is an enforceable charge.

    Honestly it's sooo difficult to understand how clever and talented people who design everything we use, own and live in are so gullible!

    Don’t forget Autodesk dealers Envision and Cadgroup refused to allow me to renew my subscription – while Autodesk looked on: who would have paid the late fee?????