Apology For Downtime

I apologize for this blog repeatedly going offline for the past couple of days. This blog is sitting on a Windows dedicated server that I rented from Hostgator. The admins there tell me that the server is running out of RAM trying to keep up with the increased traffic. Sometimes PHP chokes and  crashes. Other times there are too many connections trying to access the MySQL database. Basically, its a bloody mess and I’m sick of it.

Just this morning I ordered a more powerful server and am waiting for HostGator to provision it for me. Once that it done, I will be moving this blog, my company web site and all my other domains over to it. Hopefully that will solve the problem once and for all.

Thanks for your patience.

  • If you finally run out of patience, I get absolutely outstanding customer service at ridiculously low prices from Saratoga Hosting. I’ve no idea how they do it, but they’ve been doing it for years so it obviously works for them. There’s a link in Other Links on my blog.

    • HostGator has been exceptional. But I’m afraid this is out of their hands. They had recommended that I upgrade a while ago when it started swapping space after running out of RAM. I shouldn’t have postponed the decision to do so. This is squarely my fault, which makes me all the more angry.

  • One thing I noticed about 5 days ago, your RSS feed is now just a teaser and not the entire post. As a result I now must visit your site to read the whole thing. Before, I read almost all of your posts in my Google Reader window. This might explain increased traffic.

    • Yes, that may have increased the traffic a bit. Although my server was already in the red for some time.