Assembly Instructions Of The Future

I got a kick out of this Inventor Publisher Mobile video. But, frankly this is how our kids (or maybe ourselves in the near future) will assemble and disassemble in things in the real world. People will stop carrying around fat manuals. There will be a device like an iPad in a rugged case with a scratch guard cover which will contain assembly and disassembly instructions of every product manufactured by the company.

  • Vladimir Malukh


    “near future” is already here. Have a look at video on

  • Gabriel Guigue

    This is exactly what Bernard Charlès from DS has been calling 3D For All for several years now!

  • lzprgmr

    It is really pity that I always can’t watch the vedio in your blog? are they all come from youtube? If yes, it is really a bad news from Chinese readers as youtube is in our government’s blacklist…

    • I feel for you people. When I was in Shanghai recently I had to jump through hoops to access stuff that should have been freely available. But I guess your government has its reasons.

      • Tomas Vargas

        very bad reasons

  • Nainar

    Hmmm!!The future was there in 2000 itself with Delmia products. Delmia product called DPM Assembly was based on CATIA V5R4 and this assemble process simulation was in that release in 2000!!! But yes, CATIA does not have the reach of Autodesk for small customers and the big boys don’t bother putting up videos anyway. It was called DPM Assembly ( or something like that ).

  • Deelip, I think you could start a whole new blog on this and related topics. My son just got an AR Drone which you can fly with your iPhone or iPad.

    So what do you do when you break it? Look at videos on how to repair it (which you can also view from the iPad)

    Kids are going to laugh at those old static paper manuals that rip, get stained, or lost.

  • Jacob

    There is one advantage of big fat manuals over svelte ipads: they don’t need power to be readable.

    • True. But my iPad battery gives me 13 hours. I don’t think anyone would want to work more than 13 hours at a stretch. 😉

      • Jacob

        What about a situation when you are away from the power grid and the only power source is the one device you need to repair?

        I do not question the utility of ipad stuffed to the brim with service manuals, I only question the wisdom of ditching *all* the paper.