AutoCAD for Mac Nominal Fee

Existing AutoCAD 2011 for Windows users can do a zero x upgrade to AutoCAD 2011 for Mac for a nominal fee. I asked Noah Cole of Autodesk what that fee was. He replied, “$400“.

Since a full license of AutoCAD for Mac is $4000, I guess Autodesk figures that 10% is a nominal fee for Mac owners.

Update (3-Nov-2011)

The $400 nominal fee is for AutoCAD 2011 customers who are not on subscription. For subscription customers the fee is only $200.

  • I have to say I’m not a fan of only providing the 1st paragraph in you feeds. Requires a click and a load of a not very fast loading web site. I see the need for bloggers that are driving Ad revenue, but you’ve stated in the past that that was not your goal of the blog. Have you changed your attitude? Why no notice?

    • Even I hate it. The reason I have done it is to prevent unscrupulous elements from taking my feed and violating my copyright. I believe RSS feeds are meant for personal consumption. But people are using them in what I believe to be unethical ways to drive traffic to their sites. I have tolerated that for all these years. I can’t bring myself to do that anymore.

      As far as making money from my blog, truth be told, I have ads of my products on my blog (I still have to add them to this new template). And I have said in the past that this blog drives more traffic to than Yahoo and Bing put together. So I don’t think it would be fair to say that I don’t make money off this blog. Of course, that was not why I started it. But I really don’t have rigid plans for this blog. I like to experiment new things. Recently I held a rendering contest. I believe that was the first time money/goods changed hands on this blog between my readers and a company. And I liked it. I hope to do it again.

      But there is one thing that I do know. I may sell off, rent, pimp, give away for free, whatever, pieces of real estate on this blog. But I will never let anyone control the editorial. Nobody is going to dictate what I should and should not write and how I should and should not write it. And even if the day comes that people find it worth to pay me to write something, it will be under full disclosure.

      If I take money to write something, my readers will know about it. Period.

      • Thank you for the honest answer. I have learned to expect nothing but the truth from you. It is very unfortunate that a few have to ruin it for the rest of us. I enjoy the blog and I will continue to read even with the extra effort.

        I did not mean to imply you could not make money from the YOUR blog. You have every right. I was more surprised that you did nor notify your readers of the change.

        Keep up the good work!

        • Thanks for the compliment. Actually the truncation of the RSS feed has nothing to do with generating ad revenue. The number of people reading my blog in a feed reader is very small compared to the number of people who come though search engines.

  • So Autodesk pays the user only $400 for the downgrade? Seems very low to me, given the severity of the missing features.