AutoCAD LT Price Rising By 20%

Today I got an email from the Autodesk distributor in India announcing that the price of AutoCAD LT is going to rise by 20% with effect from 24th March 2011. The current price is Rs 22,700 ($504) and that will be increased to Rs 27,300 ($606). I am assuming these are the prices without subscription.

I am not sure whether this 20% price hike is only for India or it is worldwide. If you can shed some light on this please do leave a comment.

  • Deelip, the prices in CEE (at least here in Ukraine from our reseller) will rise from May 1. That would be +4% for vanilla AutoCAD, +10% for LT and as much as +25% for the Revit architecture suite. For the latter, subscription cost will jump by +31%.

    Their website says that this is “consistent with the global price policy of Autodesk”. Do your own conclusions.

  • Figurative

    Take that DraftSight!

  • I have to say that’s a surprising change given all the free and lower cost options that are available these days. They must be feeling pretty confident that they offer something the others don’t.

    It will be interesting to see what this does for them longer term. I can’t imagine the doublecad’s and draftsight’s of the world are worried about AutoCAD LT going up in price more than 20%

  • Ashwin

    Current price is Rs 27,300 and future price is also Rs 27,300?

  • Rakesh Rao

    Hey Deelip,

    Hope you are doing good!

    The $ conversion amounts are wrong. Please check.

    – Rakesh Rao

    • You are right. I used for the conversion. I must have picked the wrong currencies. Its fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

  • Eric

    wow,Some days ago,AUTOCAD LT announced that its price would be 999RMB(about 167$) for the next 6 months in China. Why rise in India but discount in China?

  • To get one ‘developing’ nation to pay for anothers development 😉 ?

  • Jagdeesh

    Inflation and also wages in India are rising at an alarming pace. So I guess they want the wage rise of the Indian employees to be paid by the Indian customers. Fair enough I would say.

  • Kevin Quigley

    Interesting. In the UK Autocad LT costs £1050 plus £200 a year subscription. Yes you did read that right. £1050 = $1679, so nearly 3 x the price it will be in India after the increase.

    And software companies wonder why people pirate software?

    Is there a website anywhere that gives you the official retail price of CAD software in different countries? I already knew we in the UK were getting screwed compared to the USA pricing – I wasn’t aware we were getting totally shafted compared to everybody else as well.

    • Hua-wang

      You can buy LT licenses from here in China, install it on computers in China, and use remote login, VNC etc. from UK and access it from there. There are companies that will host/run/maintain 24×7 the computers for you in China. You just ask for it. Simple arbitrage.

      • Kevin Quigley

        Hmm. Not sure that would be deemed a legal solution, not to mention issues with working remotely. I wonder how the EUL treats this? technically you are using thesoftware on a computer in the country it was purchased, but accessing the data from another country. One for the lawyers! Mind you, once the cloud arrives for CAD this will need a change in EUL to reflect this unless all the CAD servers are based in the same country as the user. In that case – and if there continues to be a huge price differential – I struggle to see the legalities of enforcing the current software purchase and use restrictions.

        • You are right. The Autodesk EULA does not allow that. See

        • Hua-wang

          You will not be accessing the data from another country. The data will continue to stay in China. You are only accessing the graphic output on the monitor from UK. And you will be sending keyboard and mouse inputs from UK to China. When you require the data, you can have the Chinese company transfer the data to you through an automated request. So they still own the data and you request it from them. You can have a separate legal agreement, so the Chinese company servicing you will not own any copyrights. It can all be fit in as per the legal framework required by the EULA.

          This is how financial companies all over the world are making money. Simple arbitrage. And all the others are trying to stay legal?

          PS: The CAD cloud is not coming any time soon. The CAD makers know all too well about the downside of the cloud.

          • No there’s an interesting reply Kevin. Not sure how translation may be ‘corrupting’ the intent. I see an indication here that it is initially said the CAD program is purchased, maintained and run in China with the data initially be ‘owned’ in China with the user accessing from the UK having to request ‘data’ be forwarded?

            There is also an indication a separate contract is needed to manage this deal; I am sure that would be the case but, there are some real alarm bells ringing….

            The inverse would be software purchased in UK, installed, maintained and run in China with access from the UK? I can see this actually fitting with ‘the intent’ of EULA I have read through provided who is the ‘licensee’ is truly understood and the business ties, in both countries, are one of the same or contractually dedicated. To be watched here are contractions found in some EULA – some of Autodesk’s specifically.

            Finally though, much of this conversation is academic on the grounds EULA, as many of we CAD users encounter, are not enforceable contracts. A fact now proven beyond doubt in particular cases. The confusion and discussion – about EULA enforceability – continues because commentators, who should know better, continue to refer to a (contractual) myth as if it were the real deal and, they do it without making any effort to support there arguments and comments!

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  • But do you know if it is possible to purchase AutoCAD in US and then use it (leagally) in the UK?

    • Marko, some will say the EULA prevents what you suggest and I believe Autodesk would say the same, but you could ask them 😉
      If you do go ahead, without asking, you must assess what may be the consequences.
      I believe it is not a breach of copyright it is a “breach” of Autodesk’s preferred terms of use.
      However if you believe, as I do, the EULA is unenforceable then all you could go ahead and try; it’s a business decision you have to make for your self.