Autodesk Clarifies Position On DRCAuto

In my last post titled “CAD International Acquires Intellectual Property of DRCAuto” I raised some questions regarding DRCAuto being listed as one of Autodesk’s resellers in Australia. I found it odd because DRCAuto developed LT Toolkit Max, a software that circumvented the limitations imposed by Autodesk on AutoCAD LT. Jim Quanci of Autodesk, the person in charge of Autodesk’s partnerships, shed some light as to how DRCAuto’s name appeared on Autodesk’s web site. This is what he wrote to me:

Before there was an LT or an LT Toolbox, DRCAuto was one of the biggest AutoCAD VARs in Australia – a great partner of Autodesk. They lost their authorization to resell Autodesk products many years ago (well over a decade).

Is the below an Autodesk oversight updating web pages – or an artifact of how AutoCAD and LT are sold through distribution in Australia (less controlled then one might think)? Don’t know.

It was sad hearing Gary Darcey passed away. I met him a few times in the 90s (he had a few AutoCAD add-on apps going back to the late ’80s). He was one of the real characters of the CAD industry – one of those folks (like you) that makes life interesting and fun (despite the fact LT Toolbox has been a bit of a pain for me)!

This explains a few things.

OK. This is going to be my last post from office. I have just activated my auto-responder and am officially out of office (out of the country actually) for the next three weeks. The next blog post will be emanate from my netbook, probably as I try to kill time at some airport.

If any of your are attending SolidWorks World, I hope we cross paths. Cheers!

  • I would not place the blame on LT Toolbox for being “a bit of a pain to me”; rather, the source of Mr Quanci's pain is Autodesk's political decision to keep AutoCAD LT closed, programmatically.

    Whereas Mr D'Arcy had the foresight to reopen LT, Autodesk over the years worked hard to frustrate customers by maintaining a closed system, and then worked even harder to frustrate Mr D'Arcy by changing with each release how LT communicates with Windows.

    (This is how drcauto was able to write LT extenders: their software simply intercepts the API calls LT must make to Windows.)

    Autodesk is free to do as it wishes with its software. But what to think of a company that uses marketing phrases like “Our customers tell us…” and “democratizing CAD”, but then refuses to listen to the customers of their most democratically-priced CAD software.

    Still, the outcome of Autodesk's decision to support their dealers' wishes over those of customers' (that LT not be programmable) is positive, for it allows companies like Bricsys and Graebert to flourish — as did drcauto for its time.

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