Bricsys Leaves ITC

It’s official. Bricsys has left the building. According to this press release, they have finally snapped ties with the ITC and have officially left the organization. When I visited Gent (Belgium) in April last year, Bricsys CEO Erik de Keyser spoke to me at length about the many reasons why Bricsys had begun parallel development of a new CAD system based on the ODA platform.

In the press release, Erik says that leaving the ITC was a logical step. Its not difficult to see why. After all this time, the ITC has not being able to deliver on its promises on the new IntelliCAD 7 platform. Whereas Bricsys already achieved that in version 8. They are on version 10 now.

  • Normand C.

    One phrase in the press release that I find interesting:

    “Bricscad LINUX is in Alpha now – a commercial release is expected early Q2. A native Mac OSX version is planned for end of 2010.”

    I've already tried the 4th Linux alpha released last week. Although it is very promising, there's still much work to do till “early Q2”!