Bricsys Releases Bricscad Pro For Linux

Today Belgian CAD software developer Bricsys released the Professional version of its Linux version of Bricscad, their AutoCAD clone. As in the professional version of the Windows based Bricscad, this new version comes with the ACIS solid modeling kernel, thereby extending the power of solid modeling to Linux users as well.

Another addition to the Linux version of Bricscad is the the BRX API which was previously available for Windows developers only. For those who are not aware the BRX API is Bricsys’ way of getting AutoCAD plug-in developers to port their plug-in easily over to Bricscad. All that is required is a slight change in your Visual Studio project configuration and a recompile.

  • Monicawxq

    Is it trend that a CAD software must support Linux system?

    • Mateo Carfagno

      High-end CAD software used to run on UNIX because of its stability and preformance. Seems only logical CAD software would turn back to UNIX’s successor Linux.
      As a Belgian I’m proud and glad Bricsys realised producing the only decent AutoCad clone and made it cross platform from an early stage.
      I’ve been using BricsCad Pro lately on Ubuntu 10.10 and it works smoothly and accepts all the 2D and 3D AutoCad drawings I’ve made in the last 17 years.