I am in the beautiful Belgian city of Bruges to attend the Bricsys 2010 Conference. I am attending the conference as a speaker, not as press (I am delivering the keynote on the second day). Nevertheless, I hope to post pictures on this blog and tweet about the event.

One of the gates of the city

Lunch with Owen Wengerd (VP CADLock), Lan Furong (GM, Beijing Jingyu Tianhe Software) and Daniel Marcote (Bricsys China Partner)

It’s confirmed. Belgian beer is awesome.

A walk along the streets of Bruges

Dinner with Bricsys

By the end of dinner, I realized that I had entered into a bet with Bricsys CEO, Erik de Keyser (sitting opposite me) which involved two bottles of wine. The bet is related to something that I have been blogging about. Maybe I will write more after the bottles change hands, hopefully from his to mine. Having said that, this is one bet I really don’t mind losing.

  • Hey Deelip,
    Glad you like Belgium and our Beers
    You need to try one of my favorite beer: Dark Kasteelbier (Castlebeer) if you like sweet stuff. If you rather have a bitter taste, try the Duvel!

  • Raytherock

    the beer looks so attractive to me. I'm gald to see a Chinese face in that picture or in the conference.

    look forward to more of your sharing.

  • Frtfff

    crazy men