CAD Converter For Alibre Design

This week Sycode released CAD Converter for Alibre Design, a bundle of all our nine file import and six file export add-ons for Alibre Design.

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The bundle is priced at $295. Subscription is another $50. A fully functional 7 day license is available for $30.

All our Alibre Design add-ons have been tested to work with the recently released Alibre Design 2012.

  • Anonymous

    May I have a really dumb question that is really important to me in my FEA context?

    Why do you mech guys have all these obviously flat faces triangulated, not quadrilateral?

    • These are basically visualization formats and 3D vector graphics works with triangles, not quads.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I was asking because in my applications, using quad geometric entities may lead to a really messed up FE mesh because quad entities may end up being out-of-plane. I thought similar reasoning about  geometric fidelity might be in action here.

  • Anonymous

    Hi..I am reading your page for a few days now is there any way to subscribe by email