CAD On The Cloud To Become A Reality With KOMPAS-3D

This post titled “ASCON claims pole position in CAD on the cloud race” by Vladimir Malukh pointed me to this page (in Russian) by CNews announcing that Russian MCAD vendor ACSON will shortly be announcing the commercial availability of their flagship product KOMPAS-3D on the Cloud. The announcement is expected to be made at the isicad-2010 forum to be held on September 21 in Moscow which I will be attending. As it turns out, I will be visiting the ASCON office in Moscow a day earlier where I intend to find out more about this announcement.

I ran the Russian text through Google Translate to learn more about the technology. So if I have caught the bull by the tail you can blame Google for it. From what I could gather, ASCON runs KOMPAS-3D on the servers of a Russian service provider called Cloud IT and then users use something called Citrix Receiver to get the software delivered to their browser on demand through the internet. This reminds me of a comment ASCON’s Marketing Manager Alexander Magomedov left on my post titled “SolidWorks As A Service – Part 1” about a year ago. He wrote:

There’s CAD-online service: KOMPAS-3D provided via internet. It’s not SaaS, because the service is free (after mandatory registration). It’s better than trial version – all you need is an internet browser. You can use almost all functionality of KOMPAS-3D: create parts, assemblies, BOM ect. All files are stored on server. Unfortunately this service is provided only for russian-speaking users. But if you want to try it I can give you login and password.

I know of CAD vendors who have been using screen scraping technology from providers like Citrix to let users try their software without having to download and install it on their computers. So it looks like ASCON’s answer to CAD on the Cloud is to simply go ahead and let users run the software for real using screen scraping. So this looks to be more like a web meeting kind of a thing where you take control of an application running on the other person’s computer. In this case the other computer is a server sitting at Cloud IT and the application is KOMPAS-3D running on it.

So while the technology does not appear to be new, what I did find new was how much it would cost the customer. At SolidWorks World 2010 we were shown SolidWorks running on the Cloud and were told that it would be cheaper than the desktop version. Of course, they never really told us how much it would cost, I guess because SolidWorks itself had no idea. But if Google Translate is as good as they say it is, I think I can tell you how much KOMPAS-3D on the Cloud will cost – 500 to 4,000 Rubles per month for a single license. That turns out to be $16 to $130 per month. Which is $192 to $1560 per year. I guess exactly how much you pay will depend on which features of KOMPAS-3D you subscribe to.

And by the way, Citrix Receiver works on Windows, Windows Mobile, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. So I guess you will be able to run KOMPAS-3D on just about all devices.

Interestingly, Google Translate tells me the following about Dassault Systems and SolidWorks:

The French company Dassault Systems (developer of SolidWorks) also moves in the direction of SaaS, and expects to begin selling its CAD system with the scheme estimated in early 2011, told CNews the director of the Russian Mission Laurent Valroff.

Laurent Valroff happens to be the Director of Dassault Systems, Russia and CIS.

  • Wondering what would be the minimum
    leasing period for single license? Good option for those who don`t need full time license?!

    • Oleg Zykov

      d3print, minimum period is one month.

  • This isn’t anything big. They’re just virtualizing it. You can do it right now, with any CAD platform. I wrote about doing it with SolidWorks, using it on the iPhone…

    The lame part is the Citrix Receiver part.
    “To deploy Citrix Receiver to users, you need:
    -A server farm running one of the following:
    -Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, with a Program
    -Neighborhood Services site configured
    -Citrix XenApp 6.0, with a XenApp Services site configured
    -The root certificate for the farm to which users will connect”

    A true SaaS app will be much different, like the Spatial stuff.

    • I agree. This is not CAD on the Cloud in the true sense. However, from a customer’s perspective, if it works well and solves his problem, then this could be something. At least we now know how much this stuff costs.

      • Oleg Zykov

        Exactly. Nothing new for IT-specialists but absolutly new for customers. Now they can work with KOMPAS on any device in any place and pay for it monthly.

  • ralphg

    Remember that Russian prices will be lower than those of CAD vendors headquartered in more expensive locales, like Europe and USA.

  • d3print

    What is the estimated schedule for using?
    Example, If I need single license for friday, is it possible to get it working?

  • Craig Hildreth

    Yes, sign me up to my have intellectual property stored on a Russian server. This is the root argument of CAD on the cloud and why it will fail.

  • Vitor Neves

    As Deelip knows, CMS IntelliCAD is already running from a cloud server using streaming technology since August 2010.

    Contrary to the standard cloud technology concept, with CMS IntelliCAD and cloud streaming technology you will never need to upload your files to a cloud server, and so you will have them always available and secured on your machine!

    Looks like he forgot to post the news we sent him, can you explain that for the audience Deelip?

    Vitor Neves
    CMS, Inc.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t need that. We are already streaming IntelliCAD into end user machines:


  • Vitor, I was expecting this comment from you. Actually, I have a nice explanation that my audience may like. On 12-Jan-2010 you wrote to me saying:

    “CMS does not want to be involved in any manner to a website not directly related or managed by ITC or CMS. So I would like you to stop posting any comments at regarding CMS IntelliCAD products, specially the ones you or other person suggests other IntelliCAD software to our customers, I would like you to remove also any past or present posts regarding CMS and IntelliCAD in a depreciated manner.”

    As you can see I am simply following your request. This blog is “not directly related or managed by ITC or CMS”. Actually I’m surprised that you thought I would give you free publicity when you specifically asked me not to do so. 😉

    • “So I would like you to stop posting any comments at regarding CMS IntelliCAD products, specially the ones you or other person suggests other IntelliCAD software to our customers,”

      How does his statement ask you too, or, stop you posting to your blog Deelip when it actually says, “to stop posting any comments at“.

  • They say if you always tell the truth you never have to worry about what you have said in the past… On the net what you type is forever so accuracy and “trutheness” count.

  • He also said “CMS does not want to be involved in any manner to a website not directly related or managed by ITC or CMS”.

    And just so that you know, this is my blog. I will post what the hell I feel like. This is not some open public forum where anyone can come and piss and ask other people how they looked while they were pissing.

  • “”And just so that you know, this is my blog. I will post what the hell I feel like.”

    Yes I know and accept just that point. That is why I cannot see how his comments apply; he is not referring to your site. I think you have misunderstood, if you have reported all he said.

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  • Since 2006 AfterCAD company provide product AfterCAD Insite based on AJAX engine for view DWG, DXF and other CAD files In 2008 they anonce SaaS product AfterCAD Online. In 2009 Aftercad Software announce official USPTO patent pending status on our revolutionary 3D cloud computing technology – “Aftercad 3D Live”. Now AfterCAD provide CAD Application SaaS porting and GaaS (Game as a Service) like Crysis, WoW and etc (this games need good hardware support).
    Deelip, please, can you provide more information about this company what they look in the future?

    • Roman, I’m a bit confused with your comment. I am not sure whether you are with AfterCAD or from some other company and which company do you want me to provide more information on.