CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 3.0 Released Quietly

I was alerted to the fact that PTC released version 3.0 of their free CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition by a blog post written by Stefan Boeykens on his blog CAD & 3D. I could not find any press release on the subject in the PTC News Room. Ironically, I can see a press release announcing that PTC has donated software valued at $180 million to 200 Chinese secondary vocational schools. I guess giving away paid software for free is more newsworthy than giving away free software.

For those who don’t know, and I am pretty sure there will be very many of you, CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition is a free but restricted version of their CoCreate Modeling product. I don’t believe there is any mention of the free product in the CoCreate brand of products. The only way I found to reach the free version’s home page was to expand the Additional Resources link on the CoCreate home page. You cannot even find a link to it in the site map of One would expect that PTC would be making a big noise about their free offering. But it looks like they have outsourced that job to bloggers like us. 😉

  • I don't get it why aren't all high-end and mid-end CAD programs free for personal use? There is no way to control illegal downloads, personal users aren't going to spend 30000 euro for a seat so he can model his garden shed.
    And in the end how more users can use your CAD program how more busniss will use it because it is a mainstraim program. And more user is more beta testers more bug reports so less bugs better software more €€€??

  • The full version of Inventor is free to anyone with a school email address.

    With CoCreate Free being free, I guess there is no budget for marketing.

  • Ralph,

    That does not make sense. CoCreate Modeling PE is a teaser to CoCreate Modeling should be one and the same thing for CoCreate Marketing. In fact the free PE is marketing and nothing else. So I question the wisdom of PTC hiding it like this.

  • John

    Just to clarify Ralph's comment about obtaining Autodesk Inventor for free, you need to be a full-time student or faculty member participating in a valid academic program teaching Autodesk products at the secondary or postsecondary level.

    SolidWorks has a similar program called the “Student Access Initiative”.

  • Tony

    I agree; in fact, if you're interested in CoCreate, you should start with CoCreate PE — and wait for a good offer to upgrade from PTC.

  • ssweeney

    A full commercial version of Inventor is Free if you have a school email address? or is it a student edition and watermarked as such?

  • I received their free offer through email but I have not tried it yet. Dow you think it is possible to use for mold design?

  • I agree. The full version of Inventor is free. I am pretty sure, it will be good.