Creo Launch In The Middle East

Today was the official launch of Creo in the Middle East. I am here in Dubai to attend a two day event organized by WorkLogix Middle East.

WorkLogix ME is the exclusive reseller of Creo, Windchill and MathCAD in the United Arab Emirates. The company is based in Dubai and has offices in other parts of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and India. The company has three divisions: Engineeering, Machines and Audio Visual. The PTC products fall under the Engineering division.

Apart from selling and supporting PTC products, WorkLogix also offers training. They claim to do it a bit differently. They offer normal classroom syllabus type of training. But they also offer training by letting customers get their current projects to the training sessions. WorkLogix uses these live projects instead of standard training syllabus. The result is that users get work done while being trained. Training is offered at The WorkLogix training center or at the customer’s premises.

Josep Ortega PTC’s Channel Manager responsible for the Middle East spoke about PTC’s Product Development System (PDS) and introduced Creo to the audience of around 90 people.

He mentioned that during customer visits he was constantly being asked, “Why did PTC change the name of Pro/ENGINEER?” His reply was to say that Creo is not Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 6. It is a completely new platform based on the Pro/ENGINEER technology that solves a number of customers problems. He made some pretty interesting statements which I tweeted out.

We are getting the message that every other CAD vendor is trying to copy Creo“.

Creo unlocks people from overpriced CAD seats like CATIA that over serve their users.

To which I got equally interesting comments from my followers.

@ralphg: “That ‘every CAD vendor trying to copy Creo’ message must be from outer space. Can’t think of any other source.

@kellings: “Did @PTC just call another cad vendor over priced? Hahahahahaha. That’s funny.

Later Arun M. L., Business Development Manager for MathCAD in India, gave a presentation on MathCAD. I found this particular slide interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it explains the essence and purpose of MathCAD in a simple and elegant way.

Click to enlarge

And secondly because PTC employees are still blissfully using the name “Pro/ENGINEER” almost a year after the company replaced it with “Creo” and “Creo Elements/Whatever”

Later an AE from WorkLogix wowed the audience with all the new stuff in Creo. There was a loud applause when Flexible Modeling was demonstrated.

According to the agenda tomorrow there will be a focus on Windchill and MathCAD.

Disclosure: WorkLogix ME paid for my flight ticket, hotel and visa

  • Roger

    No matter how many times they try to convince people, the fact will remain – Pro/Engineer sounds cool, Creo sounds naff.

  • Anonymous


    Josep’s statement that Creo is a “completely new platform” appears to differ from what you described in your blog article on ‘Creo Product Strategy’ last year.  You mentioned that is was being rearchitected, but not rewritten.  Rewritten meaning starting “from scratch”.   Could just be semantics, but “completly new platform” sounds like a rewrite. Would it be safe to assume “completely new platform” is somewhat equal to “rearchitecting”?  Or, is it closer to “rewritten”?

    Appreciate your insight.

    • I can only guess that Josep was referring to how the capabilities of the platform are being packaged. Because technologically it is not a “completely new platform”. Nothing is being rewritten. The folks at PTC have already confirmed that. And my recent “Creo Explained” blog series has evidence.

  • Deelip,
    You are travelling all the time. How do you manage to run 3DS India ?

  • Discus Blows

  • CreO is actually following along the lines of what SIEMENS has done with it’s Synchronous Technology and what I think even IronCAD has attempted to allow users to work in direct or parametric modeling. I assumed this was the case as soon as I heard the words Project Lightning which struck down a few trees last fall.

    Have you searched CreO in twitter? Wildfire5.0 gets more results than a 5 which matches most anything. With CreO you get a bunch of crap when searching. It’s not that individual as a name. I look forward to using CreO once the bugs get worked out but right now WF5.0 (pardon the expression) is the T1ts. I remember the days not to far WF4 but also back in 2000i when ellipses had to be created as 4 conics with sd? = Rho value relations and sd81=sd31 and Tangencies and 90deg dims on conic ends messy stuff but effective for rotating by any dimension instead of 90° increments.
    ° was brought to you by Alt+248

    Michael Cole

  • The folks at PTC have already confirmed that. And my recent “Creo Explained” blog series has evidence.