In A US Court

Today one of my readers pointed me to this debtor’s status report from a US bankruptcy court in regards to the bankruptcy proceedings of Think3. Page 4 has this statement pointing to a footnote:

The dispute between the Italian Trustee and Versata has created considerable confusion among customers of think3 products (the “Customers”) and interfered with the Debtor’s business.

The footnote stated:

This dispute is highlighted in a recent blog post by Deelip Menezes. Mr. Menezes blogs about developments in the CAD software industry. A copy of the blog post is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Well, at least I now say that I have had my day in court, even if it is in a bankruptcy court. 😉

  • R.Paul Waddington

    Don’t be too quick to think this is something that cannot bite your rear end Deelip and affect on your new employers business.

  • Toto

    This is also an
    interesting link that does not
    seem to be on …. :

    Another alternative to the vision “scorched earth” from Versata!

    Personally, for me (a good customer who saw my pictures used on the site “”without any agreement from us), Versata in the
    future would be the reason to change the software and not the confusion of this situation.

    It seems that bigs customers also:



  • ext3

    think3 Italy and Toyota Caelum Incorporated celebrate 15 years of partnership for the sales of CAD and PLM softwareToyota Caelum Incorporated (TCI) and think3 Italy have recently signed a new contract for the sale and support of think3 software in Japan and other geographies.Bologna and Tokyo, 6th September 2011. Toyota Caelum Incorporated (TCI) and think3 Italy have recently signed a new contract for the sale and support of think3 software in Japan and other geographies.  This news reinforces the 15 year partnership between the two organisations that has gone from strength to strength over the years.
    “The two management teams wanted to put in place a straight forward, new agreement following the recent ownership changes of think3 to ensure that there is a clear path for the future ”.  Stated Dr Andrea Ferri the Trustee of think3,   “Given the high level of trust and understanding between the two organisations that has been built over the years it was a very  fast process to get everything in place. We look forward to working closely with TCI to ensure our Japanese customers continue to benefit from using think3 solutions”.
    “We are very happy to be able to continue working with the team in Italy now and in the future.  They have always understood our business and this allows us to provide excellent support and solutions for our customers” commented Takanobu Muraki, COO of TCI “we entered into the original agreement with think3 Italy with a long term vision to create a strong, happy customer base.  This has definitely been accomplished and with this new agreement we are excited about developing new business opportunities with think3 in the future” added Muraki.
    TCI is  the leading sales and support partner worldwide for think3 and over the years has provided think3 solutions to thousands of customers across Japan and Asia.
    think3 has been operating in the ICT sector for 30 years and provides the only technology that links three separate design areas: the concept, its development and the finished product. In this way, think3 enables thousands of company customers to innovate, to compete and to rise to the challenges of global markets, thanks to the integration of processes, which helps to accelerate time to market and to reduce costs. think3 boasts a consolidated presence across Europe and Asia either through direct offices or it’s strong network of selected VARs (Value Added Resellers).  All this means that think3 can count among its customers some of the most significant enterprises in the industrial market.
    For more information visit our site at http://www.think3.euToyota Caelum Inc. (TCI) first started its operation as the Caelum Department of Toyota Motor Corp. for the support of Toyota suppliers. In 1993, TCI. was established as a Joint Venture between Toyota Motor Corp. and Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. , with the aim of developing new business outside Toyota.  Today TCI is a fully owned consolidated subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation.  TCI , with its strength in the Japanese“Monozukuri” or “Product Making”,  provides Product Development Solutions across multiple industries.  These include CAD, CAM, Reverse Engineering, CAE and PDM,helping their customers reduce lead-times, improve productivity and technology/skill transfer.

  • ext3

    Seems that Japan will follow Italy ……. 
    For what I know the main think3 Turnower was reached from Italy and Japan ….. together about 70/80 % …… So, I think the things are making better. I suspect that think3 is rebuilding all things!!!!


    • I agree with you. Really I am also feel that Japan will follow Italy…

  • Anonymous

    I must say, I thought this was a pretty interesting read when it comes to this topic. Liked the material. . . . .

  • Addf

    To be honest, still nobody knows who is the real owner of the IP…
    What do you think who will win? think3 or Versata?


  • Jhon

    there is a news i the think3 web site

  • Rol veriyorum size 😉