Rendering Contest Entries – Category 1

Here are the rest of the entries of the Rendering Contest for Category 1, in no particular order. You can see the winning entries here.

Neil Larsen (Virtual Designs) using Octane Renderer Beta 2.3 v5

Humberto Treviño R. (Student) using KeyShot 2.1

Sam Weise (Student) using KeyShot 2.0

Jamie Mccurrach (ZIN Design) using Sitex Air

Viswanathan T.P using KeyShot

Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn (Modesi) using Bunkspeed Hypershot

Alexander Schubert (Student) using Hypershot

John Geoghegan (Logarithm) using Bunkspeed Shot

David Ellis (IDA) using KeyShot 2.1

Sergio Loza (Student) using KeyShot 2

Peter Carrasquillo using KeyShot 2.1

Derrick Berry (MEKAGRAPHICS) using Artlantis Studio 3 Academic version

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  • The second from last did all the car models? :O
    Cool, and I get why it isn’t finshed damn that must have been a lot of work!

    • Actually he found similar looking cars and placed them in the scene, which although wasn’t necessary, did give a nice effect.