Dinner On A Boat

To wind up the first day of the Spatial European Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, Spatial had a dinner for all attendees on a boat that took us up and down the river Main. Here are some pictures:

With Spatial CEO Keith Mountain (allegedly the captain of the boat)

Some nice music to go with it

An absolutely fascinating piano solo by Ashley Markson, daughter of Howie Markson, Spatial’s Director of Marketing

Dinner with Keith Mountain and gang

A slow and calming cruise along the river Main

  • Greg Furst

    Goshdarnit. Am I glad I was around to read these posts. (Deelip, are you sure you did not forget to disclose that Spatial is footing the cost of this trip, if not paying you to write this mind-blowing series of articles?). I must admit I have never seen anyone write so much about so little in such a short time.

    With CAD taken care of, Dessault must now turn their efforts to solve the other pressing problems facing this world including hunger, poverty, global warming, world peace,… . I cant wait to see how much you will write about their incredible 'solutions'.

  • LOL! I usually print a disclosure statement on the first or last post of my series of posts covering the event that I attend. I still have some more to write.

    Yes, Spatial covered my airfare and accommodation. But they are not paying for me to write any of this. In all these years I have made exactly $0.00 from this blog. On the contrary, and as you can expect, I have spent a lot of time and energy on it which I could have used elsewhere. But I enjoy blogging which is a good break from the other thing that I love doing – programming.

    Don't worry. When Dassault solves hunger and poverty I will write about it as well. I will make sure to send you an email so that you are notified about my writings. 😉

  • Brian Hall

    No problems here. I've seen you do this with other CAD vendors. I see the questions you pose, so I don't think you're cutting anyone any slack. Plus, you develop on top of many of these platforms so you have an even more unique insight than many do to ask the question you do. The only problem I have is one of envy that I'm not jetsetting too. 🙂

  • Brian,

    Jettsetting comes at a price and I am beginning to feel the pinch. At first it was nice to have myself been flown around the world, put up in hotels for days and wined and dined by CAD vendors. But the thing is that I have to leave my wife at home to single handedly take care of our boys (6 and 2) who literally drive her up the wall when I am not around.

    So while I enjoy seeing new places (especially for free) I now pick and choose which trips I can make and which I need to pass.

  • cadguy

    Deelip seems to be warming up to DS. Learning a little French will go a long way 🙂

  • LOL! I believe they need to warm up to me and learn a little Hindi. 😉