Direct Modeling in 2010

Scott Sweeney from Kubotek calls 2010 “The Year of Direct Modeling“. Probably to emphasize this, Kubotek is offering a whopping $700 off on KeyCreator V9 throughout 2010, which includes three months of maintenance free. Here is the countdown clock on their web site.

They are also currently running other offers such as 20% off on KeyCreator + KeyMachinist 3-Axis or Extended Translators and $500 off on KeyCreator + Hypershot Rendering. Moreover, existing customers can get 30% off on KeyMachinist or Extended Translators.

I also believe that 2010 will be the year of Direct Modeling. But I am more interested in the Direct Modeling that is supposed to come from the other side. Autodesk is due to release another technology preview of Inventor Fusion. PTC is expected to unwrap the direct modeling features hidden in Pro/ENGINEER in the Wildfire 6.0 version. There is no word from SolidWorks yet, except to say that they are not going to offer direct modeling. Does SolidWorks intend to beat the crap out of Instant3D and stretch it make it do the kind of things Inventor Fusion has started to do? Will there be some sort of announcement or preview at SolidWorks World? Time will tell.

As far as technology is concerned, I believe 2010 promises to be quite an interesting year.

  • imics13

    Hi Deelip,

    Do you hate Siemens PLM?

    You never write about Solid Edge ST2 or NX! ๐Ÿ™
    Do you boycott these products?

  • imics13,

    Do I hate Siemens PLM? No way. I love them. My company has been a Solid Edge Voyager Partner for years and developing add-ins for Solid Edge. Maybe you missed my series on Synchronous Technology (

    As far as NX is concerned, I have asked Siemens PLM for access to the product. But somehow that has not happened till date. Not exactly sure why.

  • imics13


    I'm just an SE user. ๐Ÿ™‚ These articles (ST) were written more than 1 year ago. ๐Ÿ™ I think SE offer a good technology, but you never compare it to other products.

    Anyway I like to read these posts and comments!

  • True, that series is more than a year old. Come to think of it, maybe I should do a comparison of a few features of the three mid-range MCAD systems. Probably thrown in Alibre Design as well. I need to find the time to do all that first.

  • As someone who regularly discusses direct-modeling trends, I too have had a few people similarly ask me, “Why don't you ever talk about Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology?' or “Why do you cover other direct modelers so much more than Solid Edge?”

    Fact is, Siemens PLM is rather strict about who gets access to its software. Whereas I (or anybody, for that matter) can simply download a trial version of Inventor Fusion or Alibre Design and start writing about the experience, it's not so with Solid Edge or NX with Synchronous Tech.

    I'm highly impressed by what I've seen of Synchronous Tech in product briefings and demonstrations, but not being able to personally run the software limits what can say about the software.

  • HI Kenneth and Other

    How about…….

    Free dvd with 30 days trial

    And there is the free 2d

  • Solid DNA,

    You need to “qualify” to receive the Solid Edge DVD, whatever that means. Then someone will come personally to give it to you. Obviously, Siemens or its resellers cannot send people to every Tom, Dick and Harry's place. So, not any and everyone can get access to Solid Edge. Moreover, Kenneth is a member of the CAD media. What more “qualification” do you need?

    Anyone can pick up SolidWorks or Inventor just by going through the tutorials. What is do different with Solid Edge?

    I understand that for doing advanced stuff, you may need training. But just to get a hang of the product (first impressions), the tutorials are more than enough.

  • dorasmith

    Deelip, as you know we're working on an NX review copy for you and have provided SE for review in the past. Kenneth, I thought we had done the same for you so let me know if you'd like the latest version.

    Dora Smith
    Siemens PLM

  • Deelip, many product development companies are seeing the benefits that approaches like explicit modeling and direct modeling can bring to their product development process. I like the information about modern direct modeling trends. ๐Ÿ™‚