High In Kuala Lumpur

I am vacationing with family in Malaysia and am currently in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Today for lunch I decided to get a little high. Actually 282 meters (948 feet) high.

Enjoying a beer at the Seri Angkasa rotating restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Tower overlooking the Petronas Towers

seri angkasa
  • I think I can see my house from there!

  • And the towers seem short from that view. Crazy!

  • Actually the Petronas Towers are 30 meters taller than the KL Tower. But since the KL Tower is situated atop a hill, you are in effect sitting higher than the twin towers.

  • Shyamal Roy

    Deelip do not drink and drive – you might hit a bump and spill the whole thing!

    How is the food????

  • Ron Barranco

    Seams you have a “thing” for rotating restaurant Bars.

  • Yeah, my first was the one with you in Atlanta.