High In Las Vegas

Today I walked down the Las Vegas strip from one end to the other. I started from the Mandalay Bay where I was staying and ended at the Stratosphere Hotel. It turned out to be quite a long walk. Google Maps tells me that its 4.1 miles.

I have this thing for restaurants perched atop tall buildings. The Stratosphere Hotel has a tower with a revolving restaurant on the 108th level aptly called Top Of The World. It seemed like a nice place to have lunch.

This is the view of the Las Vegas strip from 800 feet.

Click image for larger view

  • Rick McWilliams

    Dining in high places is interesting. Nice view of a scary place.

    I like to get high and turn the world upside down flying aerobtics. When I land I am hungry. Maybe they have a helipad. that would be my type of restaruant.

  • Tomas Vargas

    You didn´t miss the chair ride on top of the tower ?? It´s great especially at nite, maybe not after a big dinner though.

    • No, I didn’t do that chair thing. Should be fun on an empty stomach.