How To Embed A 3D VIA Model Into A Blog Post

Yesterday I received an email from the 3D VIA team reminding me that I could embed my 3D data into my blog. So I decided to try it out. This is the SolidWorks Rose I modeled a while ago.

[iframe 410 308]

3D VIA gives you the iframe code and asks you to simply paste in into your blog. I am not sure about other blogging platforms, but for WordPress blogs like this one, it’s really not that simple. I needed to find a WordPress plug-in that allowed me to embed an iframe into a blog post. I tried a couple of them but couldn’t get them to work. Finally I came across one called Iframe Embedder which worked for me. If you cannot see the 3D model above after downloading the 3D VIA Player, let me know. In case you need it, the link to the 3D model at my 3D VIA account is here.

This is really cool. I often find screen shots of 3D models embedded into blog posts to be quite limiting and videos to be an over kill when all that I really want to do is let my readers inspect a 3D model. This technology sits nicely in between. I can see myself using more of this stuff in the future.

For those who are interested, the embed code given by 3D VIA was:

<iframe width=”410″ height=”308″ border=”0″ topmargin=”0″ leftmargin=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ SCROLLING=”no” src=”″></iframe>

The Iframe Embedder plug-in only needs the URL, width and height. So in order to embed the 3D model into this blog post I had to add the following iframe tag to the content of this blog post:

[ iframe 410 308]

Note: You will need to remove the space between ‘[‘ and ‘iframe’ at the start of the tag.

  • randallnewton

    My new website is based on WordPress, and I've been thinking about 3DVIA lately (I guess great minds think alike). Your post makes me think I'll take my time about implementing this.

  • Sander Scheiris

    It doesn't work on my Mac. I've downloaded the plugin (12mb), installed it and even rebooted my computer. No result. Not in Safari, not in Firefox, not on your blog and not on

  • Sander,

    You may want to keep an eye on this thread:

  • Download another viewer?


  • Yeah, 3DXML is far from open, right?

  • Sander Scheiris

    The player doesn't work on the latest mac OSX (64bit), they passed it on to the support team.

  • Thanks for the update.

  • No viewer available on FF 3.5 and Ubuntu, but I didn't expect it either. 😛

    At least it's compatible with Firefox on Windows, not like 3DContentCentral which requires IE, grrr.

  • Alessandro

    Always the same problem: the user has to be admin on the machine to install the player, but the bigger part of employes has not the admin rights on their machines.

    The player should be installed as a browser-extension in the user directory.

    There is the same problem with jt format from siemens: the viewer is freeware, but it requires admin privileges to be installed: it is better a pdf-3d, because everybody has a copy of the acrobat reader installed.

  • Allesandro,

    I think your suggestion of 3d PDF is great. See

  • Thanks for the post Deelip…you (and your readers) bring up some good points. First, to clarify a couple items:
    – The 3DVIA Player does work on the Mac, and in Safari (also Firefox, IE, and Chrome). If there are issues, the Forums you mention are the best place for help.
    – There are MANY 3D content viewers as we all know, and 3D PDF is a good one, but you mention a good point that Adobe requires a paid solution to upload. We (at 3dvia) do want to make it very simple to upload to 3dvia, then immediately allow users to view/embed their public 3d models.
    – Viewing 3D is great, but I believe users want 3D data in context, with full interactivity, metadata, whatever, and this is when we see different viewers for different purposes. We are constantly working to provide what our users need (sounds like I am drinking the kool-aid), but it's true. We are providing animation, and full interactivity in our player (3DVIA Scenes) so we can view models more in-context.

    Hope that clarifies some points, appreciate the post!

  • drgoulu

    Thanks to your information I managed to use on our intranet wiki to display 3D models (with the iframe=true attribute)

    The next step is to show locally stored .3dxml models (exported from Catia) that we don't want to publish on 3DVIA. Any idea ?

  • Glad to know you found this post helpful.

    I am not sure, but I think you need to publish your models to 3D VIA in order for them to show up in the player.

  • Anil Galve


    how you got that media id for your 3d object?

  • The embed code containing the media_id was given by 3D VIA.

  • Anil Galve

    Hey Deelip,

    I also want to render my 3d design on my web page.
    Can you please tell me email address to which you contacted for getting embed code?

  • Anil Galve

    Thnx for your quick reply for my previous post

  • Create an account at, upload your model and you will be given an embed URL for it.

  • Anil Galve

    Thanks buddy

  • Vital

    If you want to present a  wavefront .obj 3d model on your website go no further than – no browser plugins needed!
    If you want to embed p3d model into WordPress check this plugin out –