HP Pavilion tx 2000 Boot/Black Screen Solution

I am one of the many unfortunate people who paid good money to own a HP Pavilion tx 2000 touchscreen laptop. This particular series has been plagued with problems related to faulty Nvidia graphics chips. One fine morning, a couple of months ago, my laptop refused to boot up. I got what they call the “Black Screen”, which is not less painful than the notorious Windows Blue Screen of Death. Back then I tried a lot of things to revive it but nothing worked. Then suddenly, on its own, it decided to come alive. Not sure exactly how that happened.

An hour ago, it died again. I went on my wife’s laptop, typed “HP tx 2000 black screen” into Google and got pages and pages of rich and colorful content. By colorful I am referring to the language used with respect to HP. I even found an online petition called “Dead Hp tx 1000 / tx 2000 tablet pcs” that had a total of 1623 signatures. I added mine as number 1624. I found all kinds of solutions, some of which involved removing the motherboard and hot wiring something. Now I am a Mechanical Engineer. I prefer to work with a hammer as opposed to a soldering iron. So I gave those solutions a pass.

Eventually I came across a YouTube video titled “free fast fix for hp tx1000 no video or boot“, in which the person recommends pressing the J, K and L keys with the lower palm of your hand really hard and simultaneously hit the power button. Yes, you read that right, press hard using lower palm, not fingers. I believe the idea here is to physically dislodge the chip or something like that. Frankly I didn’t want to know. I simply wanted to fix my laptop or break it. And this procedure was perfect either way. This is how we fixed or broke most things back in college – brute force.

So I did exactly what the guy said. I pressed my lower palm on the J, K and L keys as hard as I could and hit the power button. And Holy Crap! It came to life. Hallelujah!

I think I am beginning to like this. If this happens again and this procedure does not work, I am going to invent my own. And my procedure is going to include a hammer – a big one.

  • The same happened to my HP tx1000-series — twice!

    First time it cost me $446 for the repair by HP, which my credit card's extended warranty paid for. The repair included a 90-day warranty. (I can get a brand new notebook computer for that price with a 1-yr warranty!) Because Vista on the tx1000-series is so sluggish, I didn't use it much, preferring my faster and quieter LG netbook running Linux Mint.

    After 4-5 months, I fired up the tx again, and same problem. HP again offered to charge me $46 to repair the same problem. Judging from the responses of their tech support person, I suspect he knew that the overheated motherboard is a fundamental design flaw, but could do nothing to help me.

    I have since removed some of the parts, such as turning the 200GB drive into a portable drive (with a $30 enclosure), and installing one of its 2GB RAM modules in my son's notebook.

    I'll have to try the palm trick you describe.

    • Bennyalex2

      it did just work for me now so what do I do ?

  • Good luck. but keep a hammer close by. You might just need it.

    • Mgaudesi

      thank you , the palm trick fixed my hp

    • Luthfy; GUDBY 4NV R

      Awesome ma dear..
      It worked by palm push while turning on….
      Is there any permenant solution for this?

    • Pgrover44

      i have tx 2000 and have problem, lap top start and all the power but not see the screen loaded is any one have solution

  • Years ago (early 70's), Deelip, whilst brake testing a new bus the onboard HP instruments logging and transmitting data from the bus stopped working. The testing authority and owners of the gear did not know the cause and with a very tight schedule for the test track I had no time to waste waiting for them as they scratched their heads.

    I opened up their 'black box' and whilst fiddling around the system started so I deduced a cracked circuit (motherboard) was the problem – vibrations passed thru' from testing I thought.

    So I rolled, tightly, a piece of news paper, forced it under the circuit board, 'forced' my office boy to sit in the passenger seat of the vehicle with the system on his lap (shock absorber) and completed all the high speed, fully loaded brake tests with no more delay.

    I too am a mechanical design guy; sometimes with electronics it helps to know how to 'bend' things to get electrons to flow.

    But a question remains how many times can you 'lean' on you computer before the fix no longer works and something breaks? 😉

  • Yeah, what we sometimes do can be very scary. But then, when you are in tht state of mind, you really don't give a damn.

  • Oh my goodness, it worked.

    (I had to plug in a USB key with Linux Mint to boot the tx1000, since I had pulled the hard drive, as noted earlier.)

  • Great! Now I am getting ideas for my HP laser printer in office. At times it goes into a trance and indefinitely starts cleaning itself.

  • rakeshrao

    Looks like HP notebooks have problems everywhere. My last laptop was HP and it had several interesting and entertaining problems appearing one after the other. First, the battery died COMPLETELY after just 6 months and it worked on mains power only thereafter.

    Next, the cusror started to jump around randomly whle at work. No, no virus at work. It went to HP Service twice but they could not fix it, although each time, they gave an intelligent sounding explanation and claimed to have fixed it.

    And finally, the display started giving streaks of funny colored lines, each of which changed patterns every 4 weeks.

    Now, I have a DELL and things are much better.

    – Rakesh

  • Rakesh,

    Over time I have come to the conclusion that the HP dealer sitting here in Goa is a complete nut job when it comes to trouble shooting. I bought this laptop while I was on a holiday in Singapore.

    I have already mentally prepared myself to drive my car over this laptop if and when the need arises.

  • Heh Deelip, make sure to photograph just how you manage, using your car, to park a tyre on the J, K & L keys whilst you hit the power button 😉

  • LOL :D)

  • My HP Pavillion tx2000 has that infamous “no boot” issue too.

    So I went online on my horrifyingly slow PC (128Mb RAM!) to find solutions.

    I discovered TWO solutions on youtube: 1) Heating GPU with 1000watt bulb [requires tearing the laptop apart] 2) pressing j, k, l with the palm.

    I was NOT ready to open up the laptop. Besides, I may not be able to put it back together again.

    So at the time, I tried solution 2.


    Unfortunately, it's only temporary. As soon as I switch it off, it will have the same problem again.

    Went to forums… Found out someone used a hair-dryer on the part where the GPU is (it's visible) as an alternative to taking the GPU out and heating it.

    Tried that, didn't work. Decided to press j, k, l with my palm. VOILA!

    Once again, not permanent.

    After many attempts of switching it back on again and again (it's like Level 1, 2, 3 and so on TT cruel arcade game with the HP pavillion), it gets harder and harder to switch it back on.

    So my final and most effective solution (for me at least) is to:
    1) Remove battery [it seems when the battery is heated together it will shut itself down]
    2) cover parts other than the vent where GPU is visible with towel(s)
    3) Use a hair-dryer to heat the GPU for 3 minutes
    4) Cover the keyboard with the small towel [less hand pains=more strength] then press k, l, and ; [seems more effective] with lower palm
    5) While still pressing the buttons, swith on the power.

    TA DA!

    what a workout.

  • jensklunker

    Hi, I am now using this hardcore boot sistem ( hard JKL pressing with palm of the hand ) for my Pavilion tx 2000 too. As I am a pure IT user without any further knopwledge about what´s happening inside of this blackbox with screen, can somebody tell me how long this way of booting the computer works ? Is there any other solution, I mean a tecnical one, buying a new battery ( I read something about overheating of the battery – also an experience which I have since longer with my computer, just unpossible to have it on the legs or you get same burned ), or changing something in the hardware inside the computer ? The solution with the hairdryer I can´t see for me, as I am using the computer for work, and getting the hairdryer out when I am in front of my client, well will make them run out of the store I guess.
    Thanks for your help and seuggestion
    My email is: jensklunker@yahoo.es

    Wishing you a good day ( withour HP computer )

    Best Regards


  • JD

    Holy Shit!!!

    Your very odd sounding solution work!!! I cannot believe this. I was about to scrap the damned machine and go Mac


  • Anonymous

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  • nitish Ojha

    its a great problem — all HP pavillions have design flaws they are not meant to work properly …if u change the motherboard .this problem repeats itself within 6 months try http://www.hplies.com — the best thing u can do is that use its part —otherwise dump it..its will need too much money and problem will be same after some months…just discard it…this is only solution

  • Rick

    all my lights light up but my wifi and sound stays amber. same as it did before in the middle of a boot up. Only the screen stays blank. My screen doesnt lite up at all. is this what your calling a blue screen? I have had issues from the start with my tx2000. some times no boot up. but I could allways manualy shut it down and it would reboot fine. then other times it would boot up with it looking like it did out of the box. all my icons would be gone loaded programs etc. that was a real trip. it has been setting for sevrial months. It will not boot up at all now. I tryed the jkl trick but doesnt work either. I will post back whether or not the hammer works. lol. any ideas?

  • Rick

    Oh and when it lask worked i was in the middle of tryn to play a personal video from my computer and a error came up and said it had to close now a critical error was found and something abougt a dump file being created.

  • My tx2000 went into coma, not lights, blank screen, nothing. I have finally installed Linux on it and it appears to be working fine now. Somehow Windows Vista was heating up the NVIDIA card to melting point. Linux doesn't.

  • amanamen

    Amen to that!!! And thank the almighty that we were not born equals, otherwise we'd be scratching our posterior as we speak..

  • Amanamen

    Again Deelip, you caught my attention, and I spilled a cup of good choco on my lap with that comment “complete nut job”.

    I like it when business oriented people are put on the spotlight like that..

    Why are they even there?! I mean come on!! As geeks we should be the ones there and we'll do a better jobs than they. (On the other hand..)

  • Vpereda1

    well, i bought 2 TX2000, neither one works now, same, black screen, the HD doesnt 'run' as it usually does when first boot up. tried the jkl thing without success…..HEELLLLPPP!!!

    Obviously, it's past the 1 year warranty and didnt buy extended warranty, thought that when u spend almost $1K in a laptop it should last a while (3-5 yrs) i guess i was wrong

  • Ouch. Two? That means you must be twice as angry as me. And I am already shit pissed.

  • mm

    My problem popped up @ 1yr 5mos since purchase.

    Called HP – no help, even though they had a recall of the DV pavillion series for the exact same issue.

    They KNOW this is an issue between their MB and the NVIDIA GPU, otherwise the recall of the similar models in the line wouldn't have happened. They're only not acting because not enough customers have griped.

    call HP 1-877-917-4380

    Launch a case.

    Expect some malarky about them offering to repair it for half the charge (~$425 cdn), but tell them that's not good enough.

    Maybe if they get enough calls, they'll do something about it.

    3200+ signatures so far on this guy's petition; add yours:


  • I have ever meet this phenonmene ,but I don't know what to do,after read your article,I know how to handle it,thanks for your post.

  • Eds Success

    Wow! Thank you! I was at the end of my wits with this. All my business notes (they were backed up) and needed for today when my screen went black. Immediately did a web search and found your note, tried the palm press and surprisingly, it worked! Going out shopping for a new tablet since I do not want to be palm pressing my tablet in business meetings. New tablet will certainly not be HP! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  • very useful blog,thanks for sharing.

  • Luiz

    One way to repair the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgBGUK3H2Uw

  • Loadmaster

    Hallelujah, I found the solution at last!!!! I bought a MAC!

  • all HP pavillions have design flaws they are not meant to work properly,Thank for sharing.

  • Khadija Noor

    I am another who is having trouble with the ‘lovely’ HP! Tried rebooting it a couple of times, using the advice from another forum- this did not work!! Just tried the ‘palm’ trick, still not worked! Someone help me out please!! 🙁

    • clive

      Hi bad news for all it is the grafphic card   sell the the computer on ebay for parts ,if you got one that works sell it ,it will clap out on you sorry to be the bearer of bad new all dv and g models are the same ,

    • clive

      Hi bad news for all it is the grafphic card   sell the the computer on ebay for parts ,if you got one that works sell it ,it will clap out on you sorry to be the bearer of bad new all dv and g models are the same ,

  • This contest will be especially useful for a student like me who cannot afford to buy a laptop and in a need for a laptop,Thank for sharing.

  • Soulflowet

    Wow. My HP TX2000 just failed me and I found this post on my iPhone. I tried the technique and it worked. I’ve had this for 20 months and I’m a college student… I wouldn’t be able to afford a new laptop… Thank you so much… I might need to find a permanent solution and get a Macbook.

  • ML

    I am the # 3742 signature! The black screen happens to my TX 2000 twice in 2 years. If they couldn’t fix it during first repair I am not going to pay and try it again. A design problem should be recalled. Never a HP product for anyone in my family.

  • Eric Osunbor

    hey deelip…after u installed linux…any more black screen episodes ever since?

    • I had Windows Vista on it.

      • Eric Osunbor

        yeah i know deelip…but u said..

        My tx2000 went into coma, not lights, blank screen, nothing. I have finally installed Linux on it and it appears to be working fine now. Somehow Windows Vista was heating up the NVIDIA card to melting point. Linux doesn’t.

        so i wanted to know if the black screen problem ever happened again after u installed linux

        • Ah! Sorry. This post is so old, I confused this with my Dell Inspiron Mini. Yes, I did install Linux on it just to find the source of the problem. All my work needs Windows. So I put it back on the machine. While it was running Linux, there was no black screen. But I didn’t use it for long enough to say that Linux will solve the problem for good.

  • Eric Osunbor

    thankx so much…i think thats good enough for me for now….its nice dat u’d still reply ur old post…..i’ve got a tx1000 and a tx 2000 both need fixing….rather than advice my clients that both systems are irrepairable…i think i’ll suggest they work with linux…may limit thier work but then….anything is better than nothing…thanks again

  • Mike

    same black screen problem with my hp tx2000 it is 24months old. already replaced it with a sony. my question is would it be possible to take the hard drive out plug it into another computer and recover the documents on it?

    • I guess you should be able to do that. AFAIK, nothing’s wrong with the hard drive side of things. Its just that the NVIDIA chip heats up and dislodges itself from the board, or something like that.

  • Nospam

    I used mine for several months just by plugging into a monitor (the screen went dead back in April). Got everything off I need, and then some by using an external monitor. Did try the JKL overheating thing, but the fix lasted only 2 weeks. The screen would flash on at startup and every time I opened the lid– which is how I knew an external monitor would work, and it did. But TODAY now got a blue screen while using it and the harddrive won’t turn on. This HP is a lemon and we all know it. I’m typing this from my new MAC!

  • DB

    Thank you for posting this!
    I have been having the same problem for about 6+ months, thought it might be an isolated issue, but it appears it is not. Signed the petition as #4007. Tried the JKL solution, and it *worked*. I still can’t believe it. Will never buy another HP product.

    • “Will never buy another HP product.”

      That makes two of us. 😉

  • Morr84

    thanks very much for posting this. the JKL trick worked first time. im off to sign the petition now

  • kingloco

    The GPU lawsuit is finally settled and claims are now being processed, however they did not include the TX2000 model, why?


  • Doug Dolan

    It worked for me. Pressing JKL and then the start button. Wow. Really?!?! IT WORKED!!! Better than Magic. I’m a techie guy. That was weird.

    • myTuser

      What he said!!!!!

  • Rodolforaya

    I’ll try the palm trick end it work !!!!!!!!! i seve a lot of money

  • lr

    crud…the magic trick didn’t work for me!!!!! HP Tech support advised me to purchase 2 GB of RAM from them to see if that will help. Does anyone think this is a possibility??? petition signer #7115

  • Chinwe

    This February 2011 makes it 36months I bought my HP Pavilion tx 2000 and I started having black screen problem when it was less than 36 months. When I want to boot it to use, it will not come up. The screen will just be black. This is frustrating. I took it for repair and was charged N25,ooo.oo which worked for some weeks and went black again. Kindly advise me. Regards from Chinwe – Abuja – Nigeria.

  • Ruddiger

    Pressing JKL worked a treat for me, saved me a fortune lining the pockets of HP getting it fixed!

  • Jctanhueco

    mine just went black out today march 6, 2011. do i have to press JKL very hard to do the trick? need help here!

    • Well, this is that worked for me a a few other people. Not sure if it will work for everyone. And by the way, you need to press hard like you mean it. Or rather like you meant to break it. 😉

  • Andrye

    it work for me also. have u guys read about this? http://www.nvidiasettlement.com/index.html. is it available for US only?

  • Usama7862

    just got hp tx2000 as a present coupla weeks back and bham! black screen iam using it in power save mode for the time being

  • Paul Northcott

    Huh I don’t believe it but it worked so thanks a bunch.

  • Annelpm

    Hi. I have a tx2110us and I got the black screen after using this computer for only 24months. I saw the claim info link -document above, but the tx2000 series were not included. Any of you know if there is other claim list out there for tx2000? annelpm@gmail.com
    Thank you

    • William

      I’ve got the same problem to my tx2000. There are two leds blinking(CapLock &NumKey).  

  • A123
  • Mujijee14

    It worked for me… by the help of J K L plan trick i fixed my brothers laptop Hp Tx2z….Thanks a Million who ever invented this trick

  • ben47823

    i traied all the things but it still dosent work! PLEASE HELP!!!1 

  • William

    I have the same problem to my HP Pavilion tx2000 series, it doesn’t boot, there are two led blinking(Caplock and NumKey). I tried to shut down and turn it back on many times but it still doesn’t work. Also Palm trick couldn’t help it alive.

    • ben47823

      i tried baking the mother board and it worked!
      i done it at 200c for 6 minutes,
      unfortunatly i broke a plug and it
      still dosen’t work:(
      Anyway good luck!!!!!

  • ben47823

    i tried baking the mother board and it worked!
    i done it at 200c for 6 minutes,
    unfortunatly i broke a plug and it
    still dosen’t work:(
    Anyway good luck!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    FUCK PC OEMS trying to pass off horrible bloatware, protruding batteries, useless gimmicks (touch on Windows is a JOKE), and dicey hardware/bios configurations on naive people with money.

    I’ve been having a similar problem with my tx2000 and will be laying low with a crummy old desktop until the next Macbook product cycle.

  • clive


  • Damistan2010

    Hey all. Kathy thanks a lot, ur hair-dryer trick worked. I had tried the JKL trick severally without luck including having to stand on the keys – fix it or break it was what I had in mind.
    Its fixed for now, tnx again 🙂 

  • Aimee

    so ridiculous, but it worked! Thank you!!

  • David Kellen

    This site cheered me in a strange sort of way.  Misery loves company. My tx 2000 died a few months ago,( I’d bought it less than three years ago), my 4 year old fridge died two weeks ago, and my Chrysler Intrepid received the news that he’s terminal with a dying transmission just last week.  He’s the only one that’s lived a full life 389,400 plus clicks.  I’m tempted to let my Intrepid have a few words with my tx on the virtues of persistence and excellence; actually he should just talk to the CEO of HP; he will probably mention my intention to buy Apples.  When my tx was going to cost over 400 or 500 to fix I stuck it in a drawer, a few months later I took it out and voila it worked.  I just never turned it off for about a month but then it died again and i think it is beyond help.  Thanks for the jkl thought but it failed.  Where do I put that hair dryer again?  Kell

  • Seni sevmeyi ağır ödüyorum.

  • Alfie

    tx2000 palm trick worked here….
    what a piece of crap.

  • Don E

    is there a way to switch from the nvidia card to the onboard graphics card to bypass heat problems?

  • Lerpata

    TX 2113 cl. Palm trick worked EXCELENT.

    Thanks mate

  • Unhappy customer

     TX2000.  The JKL trick didn’t work.  I tried all sort of pressure over the JKL, to the point that I broke my keyboard. Now I’m happy because I’ll buy a new laptop. HP never again.

  • Thank you for the wonderful blog and I hope you keep up the excellent do the job.

  • Palutla

    It worked for me..thanks u very much..you saved my day and money. Just press j,k,l keys hard and start laptop.keep it like that until u see boot screen.

  • Qaddafi Kamikaze

    Tnx from Iran,it worked for me too

  • Red

    it realy works after you boot the windows also try to reheat the motherboard with a hair dryer while pressing the chips

    • Red

      press also the enter area thats were the video chips located

  • thanx. worked on my 3rd trial. thanx again! i wouldnt have guessed that. tx2000.

  • ali

    thanks i did it stay blassed!!!

  • Richard

    My laptop has beem out of commission for a few months. Ive been trying to find remedies to fix my black screen boot up to no avail. I looked on this site and saw the jkl hard press. Wow! Unbelievable, it worked! Dont know how long it will last but it worked for my tx2000. First I simply pressed down hard jkl buttons with the palm of my hand, held it and hit the power button but nothing happened. Again I tried a liitle more pressure and saw it about to reboot but it didn’t. Finally after I powered off I hit down really hard on the area of jkl with my palm while simutaneously hitting the power button. I held the area down with pressure from my palm and bam came right on.. I didnt lift my hand until I saw my home screen. Wow. Hope this helps. Thank you greatly.

  • eromz

    this trick is genius i love the fact that i was suprised it worked…but i hope its forever lo

  • maraming salamat

    Thanks … you just save me a few $$$$. I pressed my lower palm on the J, K and L keys as hard as I could and hit the power button. And It came to life. Hallelujah!

  • toostubborntobuynewone

    I still have this lemon. The trick worked for me too . Thanks for posting this.

  • Marline

    I never comment but I had too this time! This worked!!! Yay Thanks!!!!!

  • Mohsin

    it really works
    amazing !!!!!!!!!

  • TaxiLenker

    Hi guys, I hope this will be useful, today i had this problem with black screen and opened the laptop, took the motherboard out and with cigarette lighter heated the graphics chip and now it works. Good luck 🙂