I Almost Bought An iPad This Morning

After curing the jetlag with a night’s sleep I decided to walk around Portland today. I met up with Al Dean of DEVELOP3D at his hotel and we walked to the closest Apple store to check out the new iPad.

Its very easy for people to want Apple products even if they do not need them. Want and need are actually two very different things. Apple makes it products look and feel so sexy. Other manufacturers should get a hold of the stuff that Apple designers keep smoking.

This morning I almost bought a iPad. I have a couple of ideas of apps that I want to write for it. Initially I wanted to write the apps for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. But somehow I never really got down to doing that. Besides, the apps that I have in mind are much more suited for the iPad due to its larger screen resolution. So the iPad has once again peaked my interest.

The only reason I didn’t buy an iPad this morning is because the Customs officers back in India would fleece the crap out of me when I return to India with a device that has not yet been launched there. And I am in no mood of bribing them, especially since the iPad is due to be launched in India before June, or so they say. I guess I will wait it out.

Al tried his best but could not keep a straight face when clicking this picture of me.

Click image for larger view

And just to piss off those Apple fan boys a little more, I took this picture.

Click image for larger view

  • Jon

    Funny, I've been thinking about a reason to buy this too. Perhaps write some apps related to CAD but the ideas are just not coming through. Maybe I need more coffee. =)

  • seriously. you KNOW you want one mate.

    PS: iPad or no iPad, your blog still needs a fresh template πŸ˜‰


  • Go Sox!

  • yes blake. I had to walk, across portland, with a man. in a baseball cap. who wasn't playing baseball. i was rather perturbed.

  • Yeah, Go Sox! Mark Lobo from PTC bought me that cap as a remembrance of the game that we went to at Fenway Park against the Yankees.

  • I think I have mastered the art of pissing off Al Dean. If anyone wants lessons, I charge by the hour. Or by the pint. πŸ˜‰

  • randallnewton

    You went to a game at Fenway Park? Do you even understand baseball, let alone the hallowed history of Fenway? I am truly perturbed.

  • Not one bit. Mark was teaching me the rules of the game as it progressed. Has a lot of similarities to cricket.

  • Rachael

    Yeah, as Steve Johnson puts it: Similar game, totally different rules. Baseball bores me as much as cricket and that says something!

    I have lots of idea for iPad apps…3D ones at that. Pity I can't develop 3D stuff (way beyond me). I am only just doing java. Rach

  • stevejohnsonCAD

    Let's see how many fanboys I can offend with one sentence:

    Baseball is a kind of dumbed-down cricket, like the iPad is a kind of dumbed-down netbook.

  • sdotson

    Deelip while you have mastered the art of pissing off Al I think I've mastered pissing off Martyn. πŸ˜‰

    I just cannot fathom how much fun (a blur) COFES is going to be with Martyn, Al & Deelip. Looking forward to next week guys.