I Love My iPad But…

Let me explain to you the exact circumstances under which I decided to buy the iPad. On a recent visit to Russia, Martyn Day from DEVELOP3D and I were waiting at an airport for our flight to Novosibirsk along with people from Ledas. Since we had a few minutes, we flipped open our respective computing devices and decided to get some work done. He fished out his iPad and I flipped open by netbook, a Dell Inspiron Mini 10V running Windows XP. This is what happened. He read his email, replied to a couple of them, browsed the internet, did a few more things, shut down the iPad and put it away. By this time my netbook had just finished booting.

The extremely slow speed of just about anything on the netbook had been bothering me for a while now. And time just happens to be the most important thing to me when I am traveling, which also happens to be the only time when I use the netbook. I looked up at Martyn and said, “That’s it. I’m buying an iPad“. After Russia I moved to the US and the first thing I did after recovering from jetlag was go out and find myself an Apple store to buy an iPad. Now whenever I travel I take my iPad as well as my netbook. The netbook never leaves the hotel room. I use it at night to do some serious work that needs Windows. During the day, I take the iPad along with me and do everything on it – email, browsing, blogging, tweeting, etc. I just flip it open, do what I need to do, close it and put it away. The 8 to 10 hours that the iPad’s battery gives me is enough to cover a whole day of a conference, as opposed to the 2 to 3 hours that my netbook gives me. Hibernating the netbook almost always does some crap to the WiFi and the only way of fixing that is to reboot (I even have Linux on the netbook, but the WiFi on it is flaky at best). On the other hand, the WiFi on iPad just works, all the time.

I could go on and on. I know that the iPad can’t do much. After all its running an OS designed for a phone. But whatever it can do, it does nicely and quickly. I have bought it only for the part that can do. And for the part that it can’t do I have my netbook. This works for me just fine.

Which brings me to the “but” part of this post. One word: “Flash”‘. This religious war that Jobs has going on with Adobe is really beginning to piss me off now. I can’t post comments on my own blog using the iPad. My blog uses the Disqus commenting system which uses Flash to log in. That quite simply does not work on the iPad. I found a workaround. I go to disqus.com, log in there and then visit my blog. Safari keeps me authenticated and automatically logs me in to the Disqus system allowing me to post a comment on my blog. I have faces numerous problems like this. The other day I couldn’t post a comment on Ralph Grabowski’s blog. Not sure if Flash was the culprit there, but the “Post” and “Preview” buttons were disabled. I tried the “Post with Twitter” feature on his blog but that didn’t work either. Finally I sent him an email with my comment and he posted it for  me.

Someone needs to tell Jobs that just because he thinks Flash is evil, people are not going to stop using it on their web sites. But then, he already knows that. I can live with the multitude of limitations of the iOS. For example, if I want to delete all the thousand pictures in Photos, I can live with selecting each and every one of them and hitting “Delete” instead of doing a “Select All” and hitting “Delete” because “Select All” quite simply does not exist. At least I couldn’t find it anywhere. These things are irritating, but I can live with them. What I can’t live with is screwed up web pages that do not work. I love my iPad, but I am ready to replace it with something that looks and works just like it if it can handle web pages completely. You know why? Because browsing the internet is one of the main reasons I bought the damn thing in the first place. And if it does not do a  good job browsing web pages then I am not going to think twice before replacing it with something that does.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Deelip,

    So what is the candidate for replacement ? Another “Pad” that run under Windows OS ?

    • Laptops are too heavy to carry around. Netbooks are kind of OK. I really like the way I can move around with the iPad. So maybe yes, another tablet. I really don’t care which OS it runs. If it runs Windows, so much the better. But then it better be a stripped down version of Windows, because as it stands Windows is quite bloated and may slow things down.

    • Laptops are too heavy to carry around. Netbooks are kind of OK. I really like the way I can move around with the iPad. So maybe yes, another tablet. I really don’t care which OS it runs. If it runs Windows, so much the better. But then it better be a stripped down version of Windows, because as it stands Windows is quite bloated and may slow things down.

  • Anonymous

    I read somewhere that a guy stripped Windows 7 down so that it booted on his desktop in 8 seconds. I haven’t investigated tablet PCs yet, but I don’t see why one couldn’t marry a stripped down Windows 7 with a tablet PC and end up with a pretty powerful combination.

    • Anonymous

      Hi owen,

      Windows basically not designed for touch screen tablet as I know… Thats why they bought OS from Palm.

      • Vladimir Malukh

        Why is’s not designed?!! Win7 has multi-touch as a core functionality

      • Vladimir Malukh

        Why is’s not designed?!! Win7 has multi-touch as a core functionality

      • Vladimir Malukh

        Why is’s not designed?!! Win7 has multi-touch as a core functionality

        • Indeed. SpaceClaim has multi touch and runs on Windows.

  • Brian Hall

    Completely agree with you Deelip. I bought an iPad for my wife for essentially the same reasons as you. To get around the Flash/Silverlight browser plug-in issue I purchased an app called “LogMeIn Ignition” which allows you to remote into your computer from the iPad. You should check it out because it is really quite impressive and fluid to use. It essentially turns your iPad into a Windows PC (or Mac).

    Basically, Steve Jobs is telling the entire web community to go back and repurpose their web sites to exclude Flash. Microsoft isn’t helping much either. The web browser in the recently released Windows Phone 7 doesn’t even support their own Silverlight platform (despite the fact that Silverlight is the development platform for the phone itself). When asked about this at a recent (local) Windows Phone Development day, I heard a Microsoft employee say (paraphrasing) “If we allowed Silverlight in the browser then developers would just write an app on their websites to bypass the Windows Phone Marketplace submission process.” That’s like saying “I’m going to travel by boat to India (from Orlando, FL, USA) because flying takes so long.” I could go into the multitude of legitimate reasons that statment makes no sense, but I won’t.

    This premature obsession with HTML 5 is getting on my nerves too. That’s what Jobs says “is the future of web development”. While that may be true in part, HTML 5 will literally never be as fully functional as Flash or Silverlight, period.

    I think that Apple is on top right now so they are exerting as much control over the marketplace as they can. Eventually this arrogance will catch up with them. There is not a single competing product out there that matches up with the iPad right now. When a decent one comes out, then Apple will have to tone it down a bit.

    • That Microsoft explanation is plain and simple stupid. In fact, it is an insult to the word “stupid”.

      BTW, I’m keeping an eye on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Don’t know much about it yet. Intend to change that.

      • Anonymous

        You have to considering Samsung Galaxy Tab also… This is one of most popular Ipad clones 🙂

        • Speaking of clones, I bought an iPhone clone just for the fun of it. Sucked big time.

      • Tony

        The Playbook definitely does have the potential to be very good, as it’s based on QNX micro-kernal OS, which has been around for a long time, but as an embedded OS vendor, has always emphasized small size.

        If HP gets its act together, WebOS could make a great tablet, and there’s always Android.

        For myself, I’ll consider a tablet when they’re <=$250, aren't from Apple, and have a decent OS (I'm not a world traveler like some, and my budget is pretty limited after the kids…)

  • Anonymous

    Tell us what is your final decision as replacement. Looks like today many Ipad competitor use Andriod OS.

  • Martyn day

    I don’t miss flash at all. Even though there are now workarounds, a flash friendly browser even for the iPad, I don’t need them as I really don’t come across much of a problem with it!!!

    • “Don’t need it”. Spoken like a true Mac fan. 😉

      Dammit Mart, I can post comments on my own blog. Can it get worse than that?

      As regards the available workaround, here are the three reviews that show up at the AppStore for SkyFire.

      Do NOT waste your money
      by Stephen Antonucci

      First off understand that it does not allow your to see Flash sites or even Flash animations. It also does not work with many Flash videos, only certain ones. It did not work on many of the popular sites I tried.

      Forget it!

      Waste of money and time…
      by Todd Johnson

      i bought it for certain sites that don’t have an HTML5 version and use flash and it doesn’t work on any of those…save your money and don’t buy it

      I want a refund
      by Kasuga85

      I tried a bunch of flash video sites and the ones that were suggested in the homepage and none of them worked. I want a refund please.

      No thank you.

  • Lou Gallo

    Looking forward to the 4.2 build to get some basic features added like the iPhone but I have left comments and authenticated on your site from my iPad before. I know the pop up for the login comes up at the top of the screen and since your posts are so long, you probably don’t see it! 😉 ~Lou (Disqus is down right now too…)

    • Posting this from my iPad

    • Ha! What d’ya know? Looks like Disqus changed their interface on the iPad. The login popup does not appear anymore. Its more like an inline thing embedded into the web page itself. Just tried it out.

  • Get yourself a MacBook Air. The one I have is fast and light. Way better then a netbook with an Atom processor. Two best pieces of hardware I have bought this year, my iPad and the MacBook Air.

    • MacBook Air? Hmmm… If I can put the cost behind me and what else I could get for that kind of money, I guess I can see your point. But 5 hours of battery time will not do for me. I really need the 8 to 10 hours that the iPad gives me. I am trying to stop roaming around with two pieces of hardware. So far, it seems like that will not be possible.

  • Joe

    I just can’t buy into Apple’s current corporate philosophy of planned obsolescence, which is a swift kick in the teeth of their claims of being “eco-friendly.” Would it surprise anyone to learn that Dell computers are less damaging than Apple computers?

    A few of my friends are simply addicted to Apple products, and purchase new versions of the same product for no good reason. Buying a new iPod touch to replace the one that’s barely a year old is quite simply madness to me.

    • To me standing in long lines outside Apple stores to buy their products on launch day is madness. But then it just goes to show how much they love the company and its products. I guess I would stand in a line, bracing cold weather to get into a concert of my favorite rock band. So its all relative. 😉

  • Guest

    How to mass delete photos on an iPad:

    Launch the photo app on the iPad. In the upper right corner touch the arrow icon. Select all the photos you want to delete, then click the delete button in the upper left corner.

    Also if you are complaining about the battery life of a netbook, wait until you see what happens on an iPad that is flash enabled. Even the new mac book airs ship without flash installed, once you do install it, the battery life is just about cut in half.

  • Martyn Day

    >>I guess I would stand in a line, bracing cold weather to get into a concert of my favorite rock band. So its all relative. ;-)<<
    In India, you would pay someone else to stand in line for you 😉

    • Truth be told, I have made my driver stand it line for me for quite a few things. The best part is I didn’t have to pay him extra for doing that. He is quite happy with his salary. 😉

  • macray411

    what could be interesting to you as an iPad replacement as soon as it comes out – a pad from india called atom. http://www.notionink.in/

    • Joe

      finally a manufacturer not in the business of making oversized iPhone clones.

      • Tony

        Well, Notion Ink was working on the Adam well before the iPad was announced — and it does look very interesting to me. Unfortunately, they’re still working on it…hopefully they have the funding and ability to get it done soon.

  • proepro

    The irony is that if it were not for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Apple would be out of businesses.

  • djn
  • murray

    Yes, but you mightn’t have another convenient opportunity to see them. The Apple store will still be open tomorrow.

  • Figurative

    This isn’t about religion or Apple’s arrogance. It’s about Flash and how it’s still really not ready-for-prime-time when it comes to phones or tablets.

    Even today Flash sucks big time on Android devices. It’s slow and a real battery hog. A lot of Flash sites never even display on an Android phone.

    Now, imagine what Flash was like almost a year ago when Apple/Jobs had to make the decision to not support or include it? Clue: It was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad.

    I find it amazing how people can twist this issue and try to make it sound it’s Apple’s fault.

    This isn’t Apple being arrogant and arbitrary. It’s all about Apple wanting to produce the best possible product they can. So, they made a decision months ago not to bet and take the risk that Adobe would get their act together and produce a suitable product for phones/tablets. And keep in mind, Apple had been burned by Adobe, big time before.

    The move to HTML 5 has been fast and furious. Most key movie content providers are providing HTML5 streams today. This will only accelerate. Even Adobe is quickly developing HTML 5 tools.

    If you read Jobs’ open letter about Flash, he outlined in specific detail the reasons behind their decision. There was no religious fervor in his writings, it was clear, logical and understandable.

    So, yes, I love my iPad too and when I feel the urge to criticise, my criticism is squarely aimed at Adobe for their half-baked software and not at Apple.

  • Yeah, no flash = big problem.

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  • yah i think apple protecting content revenue.again there’s no flash in ipad 2.