IMSI/Design Releases DWG Viewer For Android

IMSI/Design has announced the release of a free DWG viewer for Android called TurboViewer. The software is ad supported and can display both 2D and 3D data in a DWG file. The viewer can pull files from HTTP, FTP and DropBox as well apart from local storage.

They also have a paid version called TurboViewer X which is priced at $4. This version comes with a layer visibility manager and without advertisement banners.

Here is a screenshot.

I couldn’t help but notice that just like the iOS versions of TurboViewer, the viewer shows 3D models in wireframe.

I can’t try out the software for myself as I traded my Dell Streak running Android for a Dell Venue Pro running Windows Mobile 7. If any of you have an Android device and take the time to try out this viewer, please do leave a comment letting me know whether it is possible to view 3D models in shaded view.

  • Deelip I downloaded the free version yesterday and it seems to work.  As for shading if it does it I can’t figure out how to do it.  The only way I could view my files was to physically move them to my phone via usb cable.  If I tried to open a file from say dropbox AutoCAD WS would start up not TurboViewer.  May buy the X version to see if it is a bit more configurable.  It is FAST and zooms are transparent.  May not be useful but it is cool.

  • Guest

    The free version of TurboViewer supports 2D/3D wireframe.  TurboViewer Pro supports 3D shaded.

  • murray

    There are a variety of shaded styles with the Pro version.  The combinations of layer switching, standard viewpoints along with quite fast and smooth navigation, lighting and rendering styles, edge representation and variable transparency make files clear and explicit.  The only probissue is that some fillet surfaces disappear/become transparent under some lighting settings.   Personally, I think it does a better job of standard .dwgs than Adobe reader does with unsophisticated 3D pdfs.