IntelliCAD 7 Finally Released

Last Friday the ITC finally released the long overdue IntelliCAD 7. In a press release Dave Lorenzo, ITC’s Development Director said, “The significance of the IntelliCAD 7 release is in its long-awaited delivery, but equally important is its indication about the ITC as an organization. Built on a foundation of member companies committed to an open CAD platform, the ITC is positioned for the long-term success of its members, their solutions, and their end users.

One of my problems with IntelliCAD 6 was that ITC members created their own flavors of IntelliCAD by messing around with the source code. This forced third party plug-in developers such as myself to create different flavors of our IntelliCAD plug-ins as well. I am told that the rules have been changed and things will not be allowed to get out of hand like before.

I got so fed up maintaining different branches of my code that one fine morning I decided to stop developing plug-ins for IntelliCAD altogether. I hope to update our plug-ins for IntelliCAD 7 and have decided to test them on the ITC version only. If that version works on the member’s versions, well and good. Otherwise its too bad for the customer. For me it’s just worth the hassle.

I have taken part in the IntelliCAD 7 beta program and have been playing around with it for a while. I don’t believe I am allowed to say anything about it. But I will say that a lot of hard work has gone into it.

  •  It am grateful to Dave Lorenzo and his team for the hard work they put in to essentially starting IntelliCAD from scratch. They built not only the IntelliCAD engine, but also the infrastructure to develop, test, and manage a world class software product while maintaining and improving legacy source code dependent on an entirely different graphics I/O library. And they did this with development teams around the globe,  some with competing interests in the end product. I don’t know if the ITC is fully aware of the value, management abilities, dedication and focus they gained when they hired Dave back in ’03. Having counted Dave among my friends for over 20 years, the man continues to amaze. Not everyone has the talent to create brilliant products with teams a fraction the size of competing organizations,  who you’ve never even talked to face to face, in multiple time zones, and multiple languages. I guess if it were easy anyone could do it, but Dave has consistently done it his entire career.

  • Anonymous

    there are tons of smaller cad companies,I wonder how they are able to survive in this highly competitive market.

  • Ralph


    have you any information about the “deadline” IntelliCad 6.6 ?
    I heard that after the 10th of december 2012, all Intellicad 6 products will be forbidden to sell …

    So, 4M, GstarCad, Zwcad will have serious problems no ?

    • Nope. I haven;t heard of any such deadline.

      • Ralph

        hum, I have seen Gstar is now on G8 and removed GStaCad 2012 and stopped it… 4M has changed his product and their new architectural version seems to have some problems to install and others like Progecad cms, are now on IntelliCad7…
        So it seems April was a special date for intellicad consortium.

        No information ?