IntelliCAD 7 Released A Year Ago

Today I was fiddling around with the recently released GstarCAD 2011 and stumbled upon something quite interesting. GstarCAD is an AutoCAD clone based on the IntelliCAD platform developed by the ITC. IntelliCAD has a read-only system variable called “ICADVER” which holds the internal version of IntelliCAD. To my surprise I found that the value of ICADVER for GstarCAD 2011 is 7.0.

I know that the ITC has released Beta 2 of the long delayed IntelliCAD 7 to its members. At least that is what is said on the ITC web site. I didn’t know that the members had already started shipping it to customers. I also found that the value of ICADVER in GstarCAD 2010, a product that was released almost a year ago, was 7.0 as well.

To make sense of all this I asked GstarCAD if versions 2010 and 2011 of their software were based the new IntelliCAD 7. I got a reply saying that they were. So this means IntelliCAD 7 has been out in the market for about a year now. So either the ITC web site is hopelessly outdated or GstarCAD has been shipping beta software to its customers for a year.

From the versions of the DLLs in the GstarCAD installation folder I see that GstarCAD 2011 is based on DWGdirect 2.04, the ODA’s AutoCAD clone platform which I believe was released around 2007.

Update (10-Mar-2011)

Darcy Detlor, the treasurer of the  ITC, left a comment below clarifying that GstarCAD 2010 and 2011 is not IntelliCAD 7 and that according to the rules of the ITC members are not allowed to change the value of the ICADVER system variable.

  • Sorry Deelip. This is not IntelliCAD 7. For some reason GreatStar changed the variable, but I don’t think they know that this is not allowed according to the rules of the ITC. The fact that they are using a newer version of the ODA libraries does not mean much, because the members are allowed to do this in the Version 6 product. IntelliCAD 7 was not far enough along a year ago to ship. This is not really news, so I would probably drop it as your leads story. The only story is some product manager approved a number change without understanding the repercussions.

    • Interesting. I just posted an update with your clarification.

      You mentioned that GstarCAD was using a “newer” version of the ODA libraries. Do you mean, that IntelliCAD 7 is using a version that is even older than 2.04?

      • Eric

        What is the difference between IntelliCAD 6 and 7?
        I know that there are 2 AUTOCAD clones in China, GstarCAD and ZWCAD,most of all ,they are both much cheaper than AutoCAD.So, Deelip, it would be appreciated if you can make a contrast about them^_^

        • I haven’t play around with IntelliCAD 7. So I wouldn’t know the difference.

        • Daniel

          They’re both slow as molasses, Bricscad leaves ’em in the dust : )

          • William

            Hi Daniel. Have you tried all the three of them? I did join in a testing about Bricscad, GstarCAD and ZWCAD, they are almost the same by general operations, but each has some individual advantages, personally , I prefer BricsCAD and GstarCAD. BricsCAD has great compatibility with AutoCAD applications and some new welcome 3D functions in V11; GstarCAD has lots of Express tools which you might not know but could be helpful for your work and I like the new interface. After the testing, I cann’t say which of them is the fastest and most stable!!!

          • Wendy

            Hi,Daniel, have you tried GstarCAD,BricsCAD and ZWCAD? Which function is BricsCAD is better than GstarCAD and ZWCAD?
            From My opinion, GstarCAD is more stable than BricsCAD and ZWCAD.You should have a try at least, with a pretty large drawings.

      • No, the ITC is using the latest ODA libraries for its development work. I should have stated a “different” version of the ODA libraries.

      • I noticed in your update you stated that GStar changed the variable and it was allowed. I stated that it was NOT allowed, and I believe they have communicated to the ITC that this issue would be corrected. Stay tuned for more information on IntelliCAD 7…

  • Henry T. Miller

    At the moment I can see only progeCAD as a realiable AutoCAD clone. It is quick and light with no-frills. But is just my opinion

  • Daniel

    Great! then compare with Bricscad : )

  • Sophia

    Yes, GstarCAD will worth your money and time

  • Marisa Rana

    I’m quite interested in your discussion here! I will try to download all the CAD softwares you have mentioned.

  • EveryCad

    but in August 2012, GSTARCAD 2012 ICADVER is still 7.0 …
    So, they are allowed, now or they use Intellicad 7 ?