Inventor Design Optimization Technology Preview Video

Dan Francisco from Autodesk PR sent me a video of the Inventor Design Optimization Technology Preview that I wrote about last night (see “Autodesk Takes Simulation To The Cloud With Project Centaur“). The images in that post were screen captures that I took during the web meeting. This video gives a better understanding of the process.

You may also want to read a blog post written by Kenneth Wong of Desktop Engineering titled “Centaur Sighting Reported Among Autodesk Beta Testers“.

  • daveault

    So What. Have you noticed that once you get past the cutesey videos and sound bites that in the rush to make the cloud sound attractive for future suckers that they never address security, data throughput rates, charges and ownership of stand alone seats or intellectual property. When I think of the cloud it is with disgust over the effort to force us into the latest stupid CPA MBA cash cow with no discernable benefits for me as an end user. I will leave any program that forces me in any way to have to use the web to work and or not allow me to own a permanant seat for my use.

  • Then what about having a cheap pc and an online program instead then having a license and a workstation?

  • Dave Ault

    OK let me understand what you are suggesting here. I still have to buy a PC, still have to buy internet, still have to pay someone for a program and I am now subject to all the problems I mention above and now I have greater uncontrolable expenses and they own my data. Why would I want to do this?

  • Depends how you view it I guess.
    You don't have to buy an expensive workstation, internet you pay anyway. You can save money be letting the person, you have under contract, continue with other work in the mean time.
    The expenses, not even Autodesk knows how and how much for it at this moment…
    I agree with the fact that security is a big question. Then again I'm using Facebook, Gmail, Blogger, Ning, … so I must be a future sucker šŸ™‚

  • I can see some good uses to this cloud based technology for time and resource intensive operations. When I start a full rebuild of all my 230 odd products, the workstation pretty much becomes useless and I go find something else to do or another computer. Either that or I let rebuilds run overnight.

    Nobody is going to use this if they don't need it. And those who need it will use it. Of course, as with everything, it must be worth it as well.

    Personally, I like the direction that Autodesk is taking and the way they are laying it out for their customers to play round.

  • Hey Deelip,
    I second that! šŸ™‚