Italian Court Says Versata Does Not Own Think3 Intellectual Property

The court appointed trustee of Think3 Dr. Andrea Ferri sent this email out to all Think3 customers:

Dear Customers,

On July 20 2011 the Court of Bologna (Italy) has confirmed Think3 as the only owner of intellectual property rights, definitely denying Versata appeal against the termination of Technology License Agreement entered into and between Think3 Inc. and Versata FZ-LLC on October 7 2010.

Therefore, Think3 is the only owner of the intellectual property rights of the software (ThinkDesign, Thinkteam, TD PLM etc…) and it is not permitted in any way the use of this software without the required authorization of dott. Andrea Ferri through legal sales by Authorised Think3 VARs

You can see the complete Court official records at this link.

Best regards,

Dott. Andrea Ferri

And this is what the About Box of the ThinkDesign 2011.5 software running on my computer looks like.

The thing I found odd about Versata’s ThinkDesign 2011.5 release is that the documentation appears to be hopelessly outdated. The latest release notes talk about version 2010.2 and the docs themselves claim to be last updated on 5th October 2010.

I think Versata’s DevFactory needs some people that can update documentation.

  • 12345

    And I think Versata needs whole lotta ppl who understand how to do ethical business…not just documentation guys….:-).

  • 1234

    @ deelip – you are right. Documentation is old, but why should someone do a new documentation, if there´s nothing new? 😉
    Everything that has been new in Versatas 2011.X has been developed by think3 italia and/or think3 india before Versata bought think3 inc.

    • The “Release Notes” and “What’s New” is the first thing I look for after installing an update of a software product. Some product installers let the user see the release notes either in the installer itself or just after the installer quits. McNeel even goes to the extent of creating a separate toolbar with the new commands added to Rhino and displays it when the user starts the software for the first time.

      I find it extremely odd that Versata decided to ship a product without updating the release notes of the product, if not anything else. It leaves a very bad impression, especially at a time when everyone is expecting them to prove that they can actually develop a high end engineering solution.

      • Cad Mod

        In the version 2011.1 Beta released by thik3 Bologna the “Release Notes” and “What’s New” is update to versione released (see image)

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