KeyShot Review By DEVELOP3D

Al Dean from DEVELOP3D has posted a quick review of KeyShot 2.1 on his blog along with a few tips as well. Here is a video he posted along with it.

[iframe 450 253]

The thing I like about KeyShot is the ease at which novice users like myself can come up with stunning renders pretty quickly. See my earlier post “Playing Around With KeyShot“. I came up with that render literally within a couple of minutes of installing the software.

  • Khashayar26

    hi deelip,
    could you please suggest a good book or website to learn VB.NET to develop solidworks add-ins? i have some experience with VB6 from years ago and i know solidworks very well.
    thank you.

    • Sorry, I am more of C++. You may want to put this question to the people on the SolidWorks API forums.