Killing SolidWorks For Dummies

At DSCC 2010 in Orlando last November I sat down with the then SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray and we spoke about a number of topics (see “A Long Conversation With Jeff Ray“). One of the things Jeff mentioned in our conversation was how a small R&D team was put together to develop a new MCAD product that would kill SolidWorks. Jeff went on to explain the context of his “kill SolidWorks” statement in great detail. In spite of that some people went bat-shit crazy and started saying all sorts of stuff. Matt Lombard, a strong SolidWorks critic came up with Jeff “Death” Ray as a nickname for his blog post on the subject and emphasized it with this image.

I point you to a couple of blog posts that have surfaced in the past 24 hours that should serve as a “Killing SolidWorks for Dummies” if my conversation with Jeff wasn’t enough to begin with. They are:

DEVELOP3D: The death of SolidWorks? – by Martyn Day

SolidSmack: Jeff Ray Promotedā€¦ Bertrand Sicot Takes Over as SolidWorks CEO. [Interview] – by Josh Mings (search for “Kill SolidWorks”)

Hope this helps.

  • Bat shit crazy…funny, but true.

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  • Anonymous

    The nasty “Cloud or else” feeling has some Solidworks users looking for a better alternative. We appreciate your help with checking out the competition.

    • I’m with you on that. SolidWorks did an absolutely horrible job with messaging after showing what they did at SolidWorks World 2010. In fact, they did just about nothing, which was horrible.

  • JoeAggie

    After reading Deelip’s interview with Ray, it was clear that for a CEO he had spoken too much. It is very rare for a CEO of a technology company say so many words about the product and its future. I am sure the new French dude will be more reserved in what he says in open.

  • I guess there gonna revolutionize the mcad market… o wait where have I heard that before.
    My bet is on more cloud and direct editing and Catia and Solidworks melted together and they are gonna call it Crea.

  • Neil

    The more Jeff talks the worse it gets.
    DS are quite right to send him to Rwanda.
    No doubt they will keep moving him around obscure places in his created role of head of ‘Geographic Operations’ until his contract runs out or he retires which ever comes first.
    There is a certain humour in there on the part of the DS board I think.

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  • Neil

    BTW SW labs had been a shop counter with no attendant for a long time before they stopped putting up the ‘seconds’ to give away. To say its back isnt very inspiring.
    Lots of contradictory and inconsistent messages there about whats happening and when…do they know themselves? are the board divided about it? 1, 3 , 10 years…
    More confusion and uncertainty for the user.
    Beginning to look more and more like the biggest faux pas since the Edsel.
    Catia Lite with SW branding. NO. NO. NO.
    .. of course not…

  • JLD

    I am not surprised about a third MCAD product from DS. I think they tried to remove Parasolid from SWX but it is almost impossible; a relevant percentage of solid features of their models will fail after having substituted the kernel with Catia’s engine. The possible solution is to use both kernels in parallel but it means keeping the link with Siemens.
    This is why they (probably) started a brand new product as they did several years ago with V5. V5 was totally different from V4 and it took more then a decade to be adopted by “old” V4 users.
    Now there is a French CEO and, in my opinion, it will be easier for them to proceed with their plan. May be it will take 5 or more years, but I think it will happen.
    Obviously, I can be wrong

  • Trying to take Parasolid out of SW is more a dramatically bad marketing decision than a technical one, legacy interop has more relevance than kernel. There’s always a lot of
    “my kernel’s bigger than your kernel” posturing, but just try and find a point-for-point, head-to-head comparison that resolves a definitive competitive superiority amongst applications, much less kernels. The ultimate in feature recognition will be an application that can interpret an imported solid and deconstruct a full, usable history automatically from it. Direct editing is a partial evolution towards that.

  • John

    I don’t recall anyone from SW or DS stating that Parasolid would be removed from SolidWorks.

    Isn’t it possible they would continue to license Parasolid, even though CGM would be used as the primary kernel in their applications?

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