News Alert – 25% Off on Bricscad Professional

A tweet from Bricsys alerted me to an offer that Bricsys is running for people in the US. Bricsys is offering a 25% discount on Bricscad Professional. So if you wanted to purchase Bricscad Classic, you can now get Professional for the same price – $395. A comparison between the Professional and Classic versions can be found here along with a comparison with AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD 2009 LT.

Frankly, I think its high time they updated that comparison chart with AutoCAD 2011. It may not look as good, but at least it will have a little more relevance and hence more credibility.

  • Dan

    I'm sure it will be updated shortly, from what I hear .dwg 2010+ support is soon to be released. In all fairness, Bricscad has a great feature list, and for the items that are missing, third party developers are quick to fill the gap, for example Parametric2D from