AutoCAD for Mac New Seat Rebate Promotion

Autodesk has decided to reward the people who took the time to participate in the AutoCAD for Mac beta program. According to this page on the Autodesk web site, AutoCAD Subscription customers and Sledgehammer beta participants are eligible for a $400 Mail-in Rebate on new commercial licenses of AutoCAD for Mac 2011 software. Whereas AutoCAD Subscription customers are eligible for a $200 Mail-in Rebate on upgrades from AutoCAD 2011 to AutoCAD for Mac 2011 software.

Autodesk is calling the move from AutoCAD for Windows 2011 to AutoCAD for Mac 2011 a zero-x upgrade. I just feel they should have used a different word because the whole point of selling subscriptions is that you don’t have to pay for upgrades. And here is Autodesk telling its subscription customers that they have to pay full amount for an upgrade, that too a zero-x upgrade.

But in reality, AutoCAD for Mac is an entirely different product and hence you need to purchase a whole new license for full price. I bet this is going to be a point of argument between many AutoCAD for Windows customers and their resellers.

  • AlexS

    If I was a MAC user i would not repurchase my ACAD Seat…. Rather Look for alternatives like DraftSight.

    YouTube Video-Tipp:

  • djn

    “eligible for a $400 Mail-in Rebate”

    Maybe this is because in true Autodesk fashion the released the product before it was really completed.

    • djn

      Opps spelling error.

      Maybe this because in true Autodesk fashion they released the product before it was really complete.

  • Kevin Quigley

    Autodesk’s competitors will be getting the competitive upgrade offers out soon….a lot of Mac CAD vendors allow a common license on the same machine. For example, the license is for the application – regardless of platform – Mac or Windows. This means you can run natively in OSX and Windows on the same machine under parallels or bootcamp, or even install and use on different machines – eg – PC at work, Macbook as a laptop.

    If I buy Autocad I buy Autocad and Autodesk get the revenue regardless. Making them upgrade to a different platform is daft IMHO. I think the biggest potential market for AutoCad Mac are AEC companies running mixed networks of Macs and PCs. For example I know some architects here that run VectorWorks on Macs for the creating front end stages, and Autocad on PCs for the production drafting stages. Not because vectorWorks is worse but because Autocad trained users are easier to find, and for big projects you need the numbers and people who can hit the ground running.

    I know many who would like to run an all Mac network and all native apps. This would. I would have thought, been Autodesk’s way into the volume mac market by conversion of existing Windows licenses. problem is that architects don’t like stumping up cash for software, so asking them to upgrade to Mac when they are all subscription and change hardware is unlikely to happen.

    Like I said, get ready for the competitive upgrade offers….

  • Guest

    You can switch your Autocad PC license to Autocad Mac version pretty easily, for a nominal fee i heard..

  • Guest

    You can switch your Autocad PC license to Autocad Mac version pretty easily, for a nominal fee i heard..

  • R. Lee

    Graebert for example is out with ARES on Mac, Linux and Windows as well. Native, no ribbons and just one interface across all major platforms. I heard a silent rumour that they are offering ARES Commander Edition at an introduction price of just 495$ per seat as well. They seem to have badges removed from their website, but still, their press release holds that information:

    Looking for a real alternative, I might give it a shot. I called up their sales lady and she agreed that the price of ARES Commander Edition is still down to 495$ (in case you know there’s a promotion on that).

  • I think they need to rethink the licensing, I think that if you have a network license, it should work no matter what platform is being used (as long as there are available licenses to use).