GrafiCalc 2011 Released

Today GEOMATE released GrafiCalc 2011 with a new tag line “Engineer First – Design Later”. Founder Shyamal Roy refers to his product as the Excel for Engineers. The press release mentions that the user interface has been enhanced. But don’t keep your hopes too high. The UI stays pretty much the same. Just that the visual feedback has been enhanced a bit.

A commercial license costs $995 ($1295 in Europe). There is still no trial version. You are expected to watch a set of four demo videos here and then decide whether you understand what’s going on. If you do you and you think that the software can help you design better then you need to click the “Purchase” link. Seems like this approach has been working for the company because they have all these customers.

  • I guess an engineer’s app needs an engineer’s UI? 😉

  • Kevin Quigley

    Funny, I could have sworn there was going to be a trial version available… about 3 weeks……about 3 or 4 months ago after the last time this app features on this blog. Must be my memory playing tricks. Clearly the video demos are so compelling that I will rush out and spend $1295…..then again….maybe not.

    • Shyamalroy

      Kevin, your memory is correct. We did build and test marketed a trial version – dismal results. Only 1 out of the 20 recepients had actually installed it after 1 month. Concequently we backed out from wasting our time.

      The videos show how our game changing automated graphical calculation technology, automated mechnism design technology, automated transient data collection technology, automated Monte Carlo statistical tolerance analysis technology, and automated graphical calculation macros for Excel can help users to get quick answerrs to design performance and producibility challenges before making 3D models. The demos are immediately understood and apprciated by mechanical engineers who are doing these tasks the hard way. This is the best we can do and it is working for us and our expanding customer base. Sure there is a $995 initial risk but typical rewards have been 50X ROI in terms of avoiding expensive redesigns. So the user can decide whether to take the risk. Also, complete video training (21 video modiles) is available online so the user can see each feature and capability working before purchase.

      The user interface improvement was geared towards ease of use based on customer inputs. This is an engineering application and engineers seem to like our lean and mean interface – no doormen to open the door for doormen!

      I listned to Al Dean and have improved the look and feel more modern as much as possible without changing the workflow.

      • “I listned to Al Dean and have improved the look and feel more modern as much as possible without changing the workflow.”

        No Shyamal, no you haven’t.

        As for Kevin’s point about Trial versions, there’s well known metrics about the amount of downloads vs the amounts of installs and actual functional trials – and it’s a long term bet that you have to let seed out in the market to let people try it. Not run it for four months and dump it….

  • Kevin Quigley

    Nope the memory is as good as ever……

    “All right guys – a trial version (we call it quickeval version) is coming. It will have all features of the software except the Save features will be disabled. It will come with tutorilas.

    Should see it in a couple of weeks.

    Price will also go up.”

    Well one thing there was accurate…..

  • Shyamalroy

    GrafiCalc 2011  free 15-day evaluation is now available for download at