News Alert – IMSI/Design To Release TurboCalc

Next week IMSI/Design will release a new product called TurboCalc, which is nothing but a re-branded version of GrafiCalc from GEOMATE. I asked IMSI/Design founder Bob Mayer whether the goal seeking technology of GrafiCalc would find its way into TurboCAD or DoubleCAD. He replied:

“Right now, it is just a simple rebranding of GrafiCalc Standard. We figure that that the ‘Turbo’ brand may provide a little extra synergy and awareness to the product and allow us to better sell bundles of the TurboCalc and TurboCAD. We’ve been long-time resellers of GEOMATE’s engineering tools, and do believe in the importance of simulation and analysis tools like Grafi(Turbo)Calc before a firm is too far down the CAD design process. Depending upon the success of the re-branded product, we may look to integrate this technology as a plug-in to TurboCAD and DoubleCAD.”

  • Richard

    This is long awaited for. One of the best “can do” CAM programs that can do it all meaning Architectural and Mechanical all in one program is really coming alive with add ins that are meaningful and wanted. Great going.