News Alert – Inventor Fusion Sandbox Released

Today Scott Sheppard, Program Manager for Autodesk Labs, announced on his blog that a sandbox version of Inventor Fusion has been released. In programming parlance a sandbox is a mechanism whereby untested code is executed in a separate location usually using separate resources. In this case, the Inventor Fusion sandbox is delivered as one big 385 MB executable. This is not a product  installer which needs to be installed on your computer and which messes around with your registry and program files folder. This is the Inventor Fusion program itself. Simply execute it and Inventor Fusion will run.

As usual Autodesk is making a noise about making this technology available to users in a select number of countries – Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. As it turns out, this is a bluff. I am sitting pretty here in India and just downloaded the Inventor Fusion sandbox executable. Autodesk may make some real kick ass CAD software. But it sure as hell makes use of some lousy IP address filtering software. 😉

Here is the download link.

  • scottsh115

    Thanks for letting me now. As I am in the US, I relied on others in our company to test it. We use Akamai servers to make software available globally. Our Akamai configuration must be incorrect. I will look into it.

  • Scott: “I will look into it.”

    I'd rather you not. 😉

  • scottsh115

    The End User License Agreement is normally presented as part of an install. Since the sandbox has no install, the presentation of the EULA had to be moved from the installer into Fusion itself and appear at first run. To preview this approach, we only did this for the English EULA. As a result we can only distribute the sandbox to countries that honor EULAs that are presented in English-only. We are not trying to exclude people – just play by the rules. We have the traditional installer available worldwide.

  • Interesting.

    I don’t believe I have ever seen an EULA in Hindi. AFAIK, India most definitely honors EULA's in English. So going by your logic, I would expect India to be in the list of countries which should get access to Fusion sandbox. Just wondering.

  • scottsh115

    I defer to Autodesk Legal on these matters which is where I get my guidance. This is not a topic to be debated publicly. As one of our most active Labs participants, I was just sharing some information with you and your readers.

  • Understood. I am sure Autodesk Legal has good reasons.

  • Don't know why the worry Deelip, Autodesk's EULA is a uneforcable 'document', Autodesk continue to try and foist on the un-thinking!

  • Deelip;

    After looking into it… We wil be opening up downloads to all the same places as the traditional installer.

    -Kevin Schneider
    Autodesk, inc.