News Alert – Siemens PLM Bags Contract Worth $1.5 Million

Siemens PLM Software has announced that SCM Group, a manufacturer of woodworking machinery and systems, has selected Teamcenter for its PLM system. Also Solid Edge will be replacing the company’s existing CAD system. The last time something like this happened I asked Siemens PR what the old CAD system was. I received a reply saying that they would get back to me but never did. So this time I am not going to bother asking. Getting through to Siemens PLM PR people can sometimes be quite frustrating.

I could not help but notice that the entire press release was about Teamcenter. Solid Edge was mentioned just once. It seemed almost because they felt that they had to mention it. I wonder if it would be the same if NX had replaced SCM Group’s existing CAD system.

Oh, and by the way. The contract is said to be valued more than $1.5 million.

  • daveault

    That is par for the course. The debate has been ongoing at the SE BBs forum where SE users have expressed their disgust on a regular basis since I started attending there a year and a half ago. If you were to look at all the posts you would see that just a tiny portion of them are on anything other than topics related directly to SE. I think I can speak for the users there when I say that we believe that the proper order of things would be SOLID EDGE with Plm and Teamcenter as ancillary programs. It is clearly not how Siemens sees it however.

    I have just counted the sessions that will be at PLM World this year and please feel free to check these numbers out at their web site. It is so ludicrous where SE users are concerned that I hope you do not just take my word for it. There will be 21 sessions for Solid Edge. There will be 353, yes thats right, for other things. We fair a little better in training classes where SE will have 14 out of 48.

    Small wonder that SE users feel alienated and ignored. The Siemens execs I have talked to or have read input from on the bbs can't understand why we think they have no strategy to promote the software we have invested time and money into. They are into “building relationships”, a direct quote from one, and not it seems into embracing us unless we also buy into PLM and Teamcenter. What kind of relationship I have no idea as I thought when I bought SE I was supposed aquiring one. And I do have a great one with SE, it's their masters that are the problem.

    One of the things we users talk about in private correspondence is the idea that maybe Siemens just wants SE to die of benign neglect and for us to all go over to NX. It's a topic that comes up simply because we are trying to figure out a logical reason for why we are treated like red headed step children and since we are not privey to the real reasons we just have to guess. The proof is in the pudding as they say and attendance by SE users at PLM World this year will clearly support my position and not theirs.

  • daveault

    Wanted to post one more thing here. These are the posting stats from the Siemens BBS for all the forums as of today. The numbers are mentioned twice but amount to the same thing which is all time posts. Could I direct your attention to which group has posted the most? SE users have no where else to go. I would think Siemens would look at these numbers and afford SE users a little more respect as clearly we do desire our own identity and prove it so at the BBS, the only outlet Siemens cares to provide.

    Newsgroup Name Total Messages New Messages
    solid_edge.misc 60444 60444
    regional_user_groups.ccrug 7 7
    solid_edge.binaries 4089 4089
    solid_edge.sheetmetal 1858 1858
    solid_edge.programming 7316 7316
    efactory.cad 87 87
    femap.misc 387 387
    support.gtac 335 335
    support.uganswer 386 386
    nx.cad 22306 22306
    nx.rapid_proto 57 57
    solid_edge.student_edition 27 27 639 639 419 419 8439 8439
    nx.gear_wizard 7 7 58 58 411 411 9291 9291
    misc.notes_on_notes 3845 3845
    misc.used_equip 22 22

  • The reason press releases often don't mention what system is being ousted is that the company is maintaining it or doesn't want to mention it. If they're maintaining the system (which is usually 98% of the cases) they're not displacing, rather adding another system over a legacy tool. Or the company simply doesn't want to dismiss a system they've used for years.

  • I understand that. It's perfectly alright if people don’t want to disclose details. It's quite another thing when PR people tell you (on more than one occasion) that they will get back to you and then don't.

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