News Alert – Teigha 3.3 Released

Today the ODA announced the release of version 3.3 of the now rebranded Teigha platform. This follows a settlement with Autodesk whereby the ODA stops using DWG in its products and branding and relinquishes its right to its DWG related trademarks. Personally, I feel “DWGdirect” sounded much better than “Teigha for .dwg files”. But considering the bigger picture, I believe that it is a good thing that the ODA is moving away from DWG, at least in terms of its branding.

  • teigha-user

    and when do we get visual studio 2010 binaries?

  • Being dutch, so being a bit direct, but honest: I think the name THEIGA is a disaster. It breathes an atmosphere far from reality and full of complexity, not for ordinary people, but for programmers.

    Why not use a name like “Open Design Platform”?

    Or “ODA Platform”?

    That will attract believers and promotors of the higher goal we are aiming for: an open world for exchanging design files.

  • Teighah is the name of a large plateau in the Sudan — a dry, desert.