News Alert – ZWCAD 3 Year Offer

Today I received an email from ZWCAD which contained this rather peculiar offer.

The email didn’t offer any further explanation. So if I understand this correctly, if you buy a new license or an upgrade of ZWCAD today, you will get three years of upgrades completely free!

  • Jacob P

    This is Jacob from Adroitec. Your understanding is correct

  • Hi, Deelip,

    You sounded correct. But I'm not sure how will ZWCAD be able to make it going for the next three years.

    Buy now with confidence but not sure if this confidence will continue after 2 year or 3rd year.

    Any way, I need to wait and watch this marketing strategy, how far will it take AutoCAD users to ZWCAD.

  • Shubantech

    ZWCAD is a true alternative choice for AutoCAD Users.3 Years Subscription is a kind of value addition ZWCAD providing to design community.

    Personally i found ZWCAD providing value for the money and having clear picture about their growth specially in india.

  • rp

    I think this offer says something about how much ZWCAD intends to upgrade their software. They recently announced that they were moving instead to 3D software due to the high level of competition they face with Autodesk in the 2D market.

  • SB

    This is to spread awareness only. Please each steps below and take necessary action to protect your company from further harassment by Giant CAD companies.
    1. These days the most popular CAD Company is raiding organization like you in search of any their pirated version used by your CAD users.
    2. If they found, you became their prey. Whatever way they like, they will start harassing you mentally, socially and economically.
    3. They will dump all the computers with your years data where they will find their CAD application used illegally in a room and seal it with High Court’s order. These will remain close until the High Court clear the case against you. So just imagine the amount of loss you are going to incur.
    4. In Indian Market, piracy is popular due to CAD software’s high price.
    5. Previously there was no cost effective alternate CAD available in Indian Market.
    6. Now it is available.
    Please have a strong note of the following points also which will save your organization, if anything above takes place:
    1. ZWCAD is a reliable true cost effective alternate to AutoCAD ®. It has the following advantages:
    a. All previous .DWG files form AutoCAD ® will be easily opened by ZWCAD. You can then edit/modify the same and save it back in the same format so AutoCAD can re-open it further. In one word ZWCAD has bi-directional compatibility with AutoCAD.
    b. All Menus are same as AutoCAD – no needs to search which option is arranged where.
    c. All Toolbars are same as AutoCAD – no visual difference will be felt by the users.
    d. The Model and Layout Tab are same as AutoCAD – Users will not face any trouble to organize their drawing as they are habituated with AutoCAD.
    e. All command lines are same – means L for Line, C for Circle, E for erase etc. Even it is 100% customizable. Users left hand will run on keyboard as fast as he was doing in AutoCAD whereas his right hand will work with mouse. No compromise with engineer’s working speed.
    f. Option to set the ZWCAD working environment remains same as AutoCAD – means users will not face any trouble to migrate from AutoCAD to ZWCAD.
    g. All existing hardware will be used for ZWCAD without any upgrade or modification. ZWCAD is very less resource hungry application.
    h. No further training is required.
    i. Exchange drawing file process with your associates will not effect at all.
    2. Full version of ZWCAD will support the followings as AutoCAD
    a. Normal 3D function of AutoCAD.
    b. All normal LISP function – but not the Visual LISP
    c. VB function with minor modifications as the objects are different
    d. C++ with ZRX (ZWCAD Run Time Extension) like AutoCAD ARX
    e. SDS like AutoCAD
    f. Scripts Files like AutoCAD
    g. Image processing and handing like AutoCAD