Novosibirsk – Part 2

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Martyn and I just returned from an absolutely wild dinner with a bunch of LEDAS folks at an absolutely amazing Armenian restaurant. The food was absolutely out of this world. We lost count of how many Armenian vodkas we downed. We had them in increasing levels of concentrations: 40%, 46%, 51% and finally 57%.

To get an idea of exactly how wild the evening take a look at these pictures. Click the images for larger views.

This was how it started. Very quietly and decently.

Martyn pouring himself an Armenian vodka

Martyn downing an Armenian vodka

Martyn playing to Armenian music after drinking Armenian vodka

Yes, that’s Martyn’s iPhone sitting next to Armenian vodka and tasting the Armenian salad

This is Eugene Kuznetsov, The Chief Financial Officer of LEDAS, teaching Martyn how to eat this particular Armenian delicacy. Eugene was born in Armenia and spent his childhood there.

Eugene setting his vodka on fire before gulping it down. Martyn and I couldn’t find the guts to do that.

Eugene in his elements.

To say that we had a blast would be an understatement. Tomorrow I leave for the US to attend Spatial’s 3D Insider’s Summit.

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  • KatieM

    See you soon Deelip. I’m very disappointed that you didn’t do the flaming vodka. Maybe you can make up for it by getting Rocky Mountain Oysters while you are in Colorado . . .

  • Katie, I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy to set my alcohol on fire and gulp it down. 😉

    Just looked up “Rocky Mountain Oyster” on Wikipedia. Words fail me.

  • LOL! Love the Martyn series. Just left out the one of him on the floor… maybe because you were on the floor?

  • I shall neither confirm nor deny that. 😉

  • KatieM

    Ha – was hoping you would look it up! Classic joke here in Colorado – now you are in on it.

  • Vladimir Malukh

    Couple of videos from that event 🙂