On The Way To Belgium

I’m at the Goa airport waiting for my flight to Doha and then on to Belgium to attend the Bricsys 2011 International Conference. This is my third visit to Belgium and second consecutive Bricsys International Conference. Last year the conference was in the beautiful city of Bruges. This time it is in Brussels.

I am hoping that the evening parties are as “interesting” as the ones last year. See “Beer In Belgium“. Apart from beer I am looking forward to this absolutely wonderful thing called handmade Belgian chocolate. I picked some the last time and it was beyond words.

Among other things this year, attendees of the conference are going to be shown what’s new in Bricscad V12. I already have the beta and I quite like what I see. Bricsys is already started putting out sneak previews on the company’s Facebook page. Here is one image. Make of it what you will.

Disclosure: Bricsys is paying for my airfare and hotel

  • Dan

    See you there!

  • Shyamalroy

    Deelip, the French fries or potato chips – whatever you may want to call them – are the best in the world in Brussels.  Try some “Moules Frites” that is Mussels and chips, that keeps the diplomats in EU coming back to Brussels.

    Bon Voyage.

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