Orange Rectangles

Today Ralph Grabowski has reported on the outcome of what many would consider a frivolous case between Autodesk and SolidWorks regarding orange rectangles. Autodesk has supposedly been paying a bunch of top lawyers good money to convince a judge that SolidWorks’ use of orange rectangles along with the word “real” amounts to “false destination of origin” about their products.

I would love to meet someone at Autodesk who truly believes that a prospective customer would look at an orange rectangle and the word “real” in a SolidWorks advertisement or product packaging and come to the conclusion that SolidWorks is an Autodesk product. Obviously there is something more that meets the eye here in this law suit. At least, I hope there is. Otherwise it goes to show the kind of legal advice Autodesk management is getting from their presumably well paid lawyers.

I wonder what Autodesk customers think about all this.

  • “I wonder what Autodesk customers think about all this.”

    I smiled when I saw you comment/question Deelip. History has it Autodesk customers are all but dead in the water when it comes to having a view they would express openly in regard to these matters; and mores the pity.

    Look no further than the 'apparent' acceptance of Autodesk's intrusive Terms and Conditions of Use and their use of Trojan software as proof just how endemic customer inertia is.

    I will be interested to see just who comments and what is said – my view are probably well known – cause I don't sit on my hands in this area – at least to 'some' of Autodesk's legal people.

    There is a down side to speaking out and it is that, many customers are not prepared to invoke, that hobbles what they know they should do: a part of human nature here makes people spectators to the wrongs inflicted by one/a group on others if they think 'it won't effect them'. How wrong they are!

    And on that grumpy note Deelip, I wish you and your family a great 2010. I look forward to continuing reading your blog in 2010 for its/your varied and useful input to our industry!

  • looks like the solidworks 'real' is coming to an end… let's go design…

  • Bah! My two year old and six year old fight on more reasonable things.