• Anonymous

    That BMW owner is going to be a little upset when he comes off that curb at the wrong angle and cracks his oil pan.

  • I see two Ford Transports. I remember a Ford Factory on the outskirts of Moscow. When I calculated the conversion, in 2004, the Russian Ford Escort was more than the USA version.

    When we were in Moscow, I saw only one motorcycle in two weeks, strange.

    Devon Sowell

  • Sachin

    Looks like toys, why don’t they pull out footpaths and make surface plane to match road. I think no one use it to walk!

  • Kaaa

    Maybe they should enmass go for a NANO.

    Rahul Khattar

  • Viktoria

    if you lived in Moscow you’d perfectly understand why we do it like this…sometimes it takes 30 mins to find ANY pakring space!(