Print3D Is Looking For Beta Testers

Of the two companies I sold to 3D Systems, one of them was Print3D, a company I co-founded with Ron Barranco, a pioneer in the 3D printing industry.

Print3D offers a bunch of free plug-ins to CAD systems which allow users to quote and order 3D prints of their models. There is no need to save STL files, upload to service bureaus and wait for prices. Simply click a button and the Print3D plug-in calculates the price instantly, right within your CAD system. You can play around with different materials and finishes to see the prices change in real time. When you are done selecting your combination of process, material and finish, simply click “Order” and your models are uploaded to the our servers, your parts start building in a 3D Systems facility close to you and they eventually get shipped to your doorstep.

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We are looking for beta users to help us get the system ready for prime time. To get the beta started we are offering free plug-ins for Alibre Design, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, SketchUp and SolidWorks, but will shortly offer plug-ins for other CAD systems as well. We also have a standalone application for those who prefer to use STL or other file formats independently. We are starting with two processes, SLA and SLS, and plan to add more processes as we proceed with the beta.

I urge you to download the free software and give  it a go when you get the time or if you are considering 3D printing something. Also I’d appreciate it if you could help spread the word around.


  • Ken

    If only there was a plug-in for Solid Edge…

  • Jacques

    Nothing available for OSX?

  • Jeffrey Ouellette


    • Its on my list of to do items.

      • Anonymous

        Let me know if you need anything regarding the Vectorworks version

        Jeffrey Ouellette, Assoc. AIA
        Project Architect / BIM Specialist
        Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

  • L Tenberge


  • It looks like a nice App Deelip.

    It’s not clear to me where Print 3D is based and where the models are sent from. Is this service available outside the US?
    How much of the price is postage & packing? How long will the models take to arrive?

    Maybe you could ask Print 3D to update there FAQ’s to reflect this…

    • We ship worldwide. When to go place your order, you get to choose the shipping address and the shipping price is calculated automatically, along with sales tax if shipping in the US.

      We currently ship in 2 or 3 days, but we are working on streamlining that process to get accurate. We have FedEx hooked into our system. Now working on UPS.

      Shall pass on your feedback to the web team. Appreciate it.

  • d3print

    Sell 3d printer to client and offer same time 3d printing service for customers in 3d system`s own facility, …but perhaps eat a the same time it`s own clients  3d printing  market area`. What kind of  company policy is that?

  • Erik Dekeyser

    Hi Deelip,  I hope we can integrate it in Bricscad ASAP.

    • Yes, sir. We have a Print3D for Bricscad in testing at the moment.

  • Phil Brylowski


  • Cary O’Connor

    Hi Deelip, Can you upgrade the add-in for IRONCAD as well. We have your older version that works but it sounds like you are upgrading it as well.

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