ProgeCAD Releases AutoCAD Mac Clone Based On ARES

Looks like ITC member ProgeCAD has decided to sleep with the enemy. Today I was sent a link to iCADMac from ProgeCAD, a recently released AutoCAD clone for the Mac based on the ARES CAD engine from Graebert. iCADMac is priced at $1,255.76 $990 in the US and Canada (see update below) with a subscription of $349.99. Incidentally ARES Commander Edition for Mac sits a little lower at $995.

iCADMac comes with full ACIS solid modeling and can be extended by means of plug-ins.

Click image for larger view

As far as I know, ProgeCAD for Windows is still based on the IntelliCAD code from the ITC. Whether that continues to be the case remains to be seen.

Update (24-Jan-2011)

I got an email from ProgeCAD stating that they changed the price in US an Canada to $990

  • Sleeping with the enemy? I hardly think that you can refer to it that way Deelip.

    We are shipping an Apple Mac version of a product that is similar in functionality to our already popular Windows versions. Our goal is to provide the closest experience with the lowest learning curve possible for former AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users. As you know Deelip, the ITC has focused on a Windows Solution which makes sense for them. As a founding member, and a long time sitting board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, progeSOFT is working closely with the ITC development teams to insure the product we deliver is first and foremost, a quality product.

    As a former “rebuild yearly” Windows user for 25 years, I recently brought home an iMac, tossed my pc laptop out the window, and haven’t looked back. I personally think it is outstanding that we can offer our customers a low cost DWG based “AutoCAD Like” CAD package which offers a 4 to 5 times ROI in comparison to buying “that other software”.

    Besides Deelip, to hear the way you describe it, if we are “sleeping with the enemy”, don’t you claim to have the most software products running on the most software/hardware combination’s in the world or something like that? Seems to me you’ve done slept with the enemy, the army, the marines, the signal corps and are finishing up with the Navy just for good measure… hussy.

    Do me a favor though, and please adjust the pricing above… seems quite steep. The price for the iCADMac product is 990.00 USD, with price breaks starting as low as 2 copies. Please see We will be shipping a Network License Manager, and a USB version soon.

    • I don’t stay too close to a single CAD vendor. That way I can sleep with all of them. 😉

  • @IntelliCAD Sound of applause for our esteemed colleague. What say you @deelip, room for strategic friends in your world? Enemies indeed.

  • Dan

    I am a progeCAD owner of 2009 pro and 2010 pro. A week ago I downloaded progeCAD 2011 to see what improvements had been made only to find two plug-ins and still working with the IntelliCAD V6, not V7.  I ask for a list of the improvements from 2010 to 2011 pro on progeCAD forms July 19 and still no answer. I just don’t see anything improved for 2010.