PTC On A Roll

The overall impression that I got about PTC during the two day Creo launch event in Dubai organized by WorkLogix Middle East was that the company is on a roll. Here is a slide from one of the presentations that pretty much sums it up.

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There are some who are of the opinion that PTC is surviving by milking their existing customer base. But the company claims to be adding more than 4,000 customers every year and is currently displacing more than 200 competitors in large enterprises. Of course, I wouldn’t expect PTC to mention how many customers it is losing, if any. ūüėČ

I had some close conversations with PTC employees and the folks at WorkLogix during the event. The were all raving about how Creo is changing their fortunes. Apparently what PTC said would happen is now happening. At least in the middle east.

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  • They’re conflating their figures. ¬†This was a Creo launch event, but they listed “PTC” customers (likely including Windchill, Arbortext, MathCAD, etc.) in their “wins.”

    I suspect that PTC and WorkLogix people *would* be enthusiastic about Creo when talking to a well-known blogger.

    • Kevin Quigley

      I have just discovered the Freestyle concept modelling in Creo Parametric. This is included in the base product yet it appears to offer functionality that us product designers salivate over in Catias Imagine and Shape. While people knock PTC on the direct modelling side I have say I’m impressed by this.

      Awaiting pricing info!

      • JustAnotherFanboy

        I was told the Freestyle is free. Sub-divisional modeling inside of B-Rep parametric modeler = Industrial Design Bliss. It is going to be another bragging point for PTC users.

        • Kevin Quigley

          Free in the sense that it is included with Creo Parametric , yes. But you still have to but Parametric.

  • Df2001_98

    The current Freestyle implementation in Creo 1.0 it’s missing a lot of functionality compared to Catia or T-Splines. It seem a beta version to me. I hope it will be better in Creo 2.0.

    • JustAnotherFanboy

      I totally agree, the app has room to grow (initial release). All that is there will probably be underutilized too. Awesome is the fact that it is built directly into the program. Have not heard or seen any updates on that feature yet. Seems like the marketing machine is still working the circuit for the 1.0 message.

      Have not used the¬†Catia Imagine piece, but have used T-Splines, the geometry they can produce is absolutely awesome. How will the world look with all this fluid organic design grows into it’s share of the marketplace?

  • Anonymous

    Deelip, what customers are included into 4000+ SMB accounts? Do you know product split for these customers? I think this number is confusing. Thanks, Oleg